Downtown’s Blowout Sale!

It ended up a pretty good Friday, though it started off rocky.  My husband inadvertently brought both sets of my car keys to work with him in town.  He did hurry back home to drop them off before 10AM…with a surprise hot latte delivery, too. :))

Later on, I took my lunch hour to check out the Downtown Andover Boutique Blowout sale.  It is a two-day annual shopping event where the local stores come together to have a major sale on their seasonal items.  Info of the event is in that link above. I had ventured over last year where I got some major deals; so, I couldn’t miss out this year.

During my stay shopping around and talking to people, I got some amazing deals; 2 beautiful knit hats at Nest for $10, a fun  black/nude lace dress from Madox for $16, and a vintage inspired utensil holder at Savoir Faire for $10!  Something new I noticed this year was the participating merchants wearing collaborating flourescent green tee shirts with LOCAL 01810 printed across the chest.  I inquired and learned that they created this group to keep Andover’s community awareness up on how vibrant the downtown area is and should continue to stay IF they continue to purchase locally. The ladies in green all seemed banded together to strengthen that groups’ value. At least I saw it.

It was a great event and there is still a lot of beautiful items being offered.  If you are local, there is still time today.   This event is taking place right now till 7PM in the old Town Hall on the second floor, then tomorrow at each shop until 5PM.  You cannot miss who the participants are as they each have a grouping of flourescent balloons in their store entryways.


**I hope they make those LOCAL 01810 tee shirts to sell.  It would raise a lot more awareness and I’d be proud to wear one. (.. if any of the stores happen to be reading this and decide to make them..I suggest a black fitted vneck tee with white lettering. I would wear it all the time!)

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