Ladies, We Need to Talk… About Your Bra

Well, I cannot hold back my gripes about it anymore.


Most of you are not wearing the right bra size.

Yes. Really!!! I am seeing far too many sagging boobs flopping around all over the place in measly bras lately! I noticed a woman today who had her less than firm boobies down to her belly button..only to notice they were in a bra! I had to hold back my questions. Is your bra made of… Silly Putty?!  Did you put it on saggy or did that occur through the day?

I wanted to know, but realized as she stood before me, that this woman may never have been taught how to find that perfect bra.  I mean, how else could I explain the reason she was wearing a bra clearly without support?  

The importance of a well fitting bra is not just visual either, girls.  The perfectly fitted bra’s support helps your posture; and when you stand straight, you can look up to 10 lbs lighter!  Bet that just made you all sit up straighter! 😉  

Be happy. Look better. Stop making my eyes getting a new fitted bra!

Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect bra fit!:

1. Know your bra size.. your true size!  Get sized professionally. Most stores can help you, but going to a boutique or small bra shop is best. They are more accurate, discrete, sensible and are big help.  You will be shocked to know your true size (both band and cup). 

If you don’t want to go that route of going to a store, size yourself with a measuring tape and get to the stores to TRY THEM ON. I found this instruction in a fashion mag website on how to properly measure yourself: To measure the band, tightly wrap a tape measure around your ribs, directly under your breasts. Then take a second measurement by wrapping the tape snugly around your back, under your arms and straight across the top of your chest. If the numbers differ, take an average of the two. To measure your cup size, place the tape measure on your sternum, between the breasts, and extend it out over the widest part of the breast to the point where it connects with your rib cage. Four inches is roughly an A-cup; five inches, a B-cup; six inches, a C-cup and so forth. If your breasts differ, go with the larger size.

2. Underwire.  My God, UNDERWIRE!  If your cup size is bigger than a B, find a bra with underwire. This is the best feature to support and shape you.  If they dig into you, size up!

3.  The bra band (where it is fastened) should never move. It shouldn’t ride up during the day. If you find yourself adjusting it, this means you need a size up. The band is the biggest player in supporting your rack!  Speaking of the band, a new bra should fasten on the first notch to start, and as the bra stretches out over time, tighten it by fastening it a notch tighter.  Once the band is stretched and the bra is less supportive, the bra should be replaced.

4. Material makes a difference.  The sheerness, the weight and the type of material is key for every outfit, but finding a versatile bra for most items in your wardrobe is smart.  Buying bras that are of smoother materials make a better bra to wear with snug clothes; i.e. lycra, spandex, or stretchy materials. Cotton is good too, but are best for relaxing days. All these materials are seamless and move freely under clothes.  Lacy bras, well, they are great and sexy, but be aware that they can make you look lumpy; so they are better under constructed clothes..or no clothes at all.  But don’t go all Sue Ellen Mischke on me though! Bras are not tops. 

A good rule of thumb is if you love a bra style on, buy it in three colors.. nude, black and print.  This way you can wear it with anything.  Whatever your color of natural nude is buy it. Personally, white bras are too visible under light or white clothes, so I always choose nude. Many stores carry a variety of nude colors to match every shade of us.  

5.  Use the POUR and SHAKE method when trying on a bra.  This method of trying on a bra was shown to me by the bra divas from the TV show Double Divas. I wish I knew of this when I was bustier!  Put on the bra. While holding the sides of the band, lean forward to let your boobs fill the cups. Hold the band, then stand up to fasten. Shake a touch, then readjust yourself. Make sure the girls sit IN the bra, not spilling over or trying to creep out from under. This method assures your fully in the bra and that they are at their ‘perkiest’.  If you’ve seen the show, you know this works!

OK, well, hopefully you are a perfect fit bra finding master after reading this. So. Get shopping and have a fun time!  Shopping for bras should be just as fun as shopping for shoes!  Now I am hoping that all this knowledge will help me from seeing the misshapen insanity on my Boston streets.

Please.. for the love of my eyes. 



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