DIY- Mickey Mouse Themed Bandaid Dispenser

This might be my favorite craft for this trip so far!

Today I tackled my bandaid dispenser idea!  Over the Summer, during Andover Day, I came home with a giant bag full of shwag.  Included in this was a bandaid dispenser with the Fire Dept logo on it.  Idk why, but looking at that dispenser I came up with this idea…

What you will need: 1 box of bandaids (Mickey Mouse themed, of course!), black craft paint, craft glue, and a random bandaid dispenser!

The red dispenser from Andover FD and a brand new box of Mickey Mouse themed Band-aids..which I love so very much!
I had painted the top part with a high gloss acrylic craft paint. The Mickey Mouse you see there is cut from the opposite side of the Band-aid box.
Once the paint is dry, glue the Mickey to it as centered as possible. I used Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue (an all purpose craft glue). Once the image is stuck, cover the entire top with a heavy coat of glue. Let dry.
DONE! Here is the band-aid dispenser with a trusty portable Neosporin spray ready for our fun days at Walt Disney World!

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