Happy Blog-iversary!

Hi All!

We have been at this adventure for a year now! Can you believe it!? A year!

la vita mia has been a tiny glimpse into my life over the past year.  It has been a lot of fun sharing all the recipes, the weight loss ups and downs, the nothings, and even the rants! So glad I stopped sharing those! Ha. My hope for the coming year is that la vita mia will evolve with an add on of a makeup/beauty section, OR, even as a different blog all together off this one. That is my second passion to cooking, which I will blog about sometime soon.

I am looking forward to the future of this blog sharing a ton more! And I thank you guys for all the views, comments, shares and repins on pinterest! It truly is appreciated!

With this special la vita mia anniversary, it is a good time to share some of this year’s stats. I had fun looking back at the year putting this together. It amazes me still that you guys are following along.


There have been about 9,200 hits to my site this year.  How do you guys find me!?

  • 85% of those views came in through search engines.
  • Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter drove over 5% of those views!
  • Another 5% came from readers through WORDPRESS search tags and reader, YAHOO, HOOTSUITE, PULSE ME, GOOGLE READER, etc.  (I personally use pulse me- love it!)
  • 3% came from clicks off of those followers/following blogs; i.e. they have me listed as a follower or I have commented and someone clicked to me.
  • less than 2% are listed as translated pages or blocked, but prob should go into the search engine pool.

Pretty big numbers for just me!!

The search terms/tags used to find my blog from those search engines are a fun list to read through.  There were a lot listed, in the hundreds, but I am not going to list them all out!  Here are the top 15:

  1. ground pork tacos (number one blog viewed on my site!)
  2. cake boss birthday party
  3. manicure in a jar
  4. food related movies
  5. broiled cod with breadcrumbs
  6. guacamole without onion
  7. basil pesto without nuts
  8. caramelized zucchini
  9. valeriah76@wordpress.com
  10. breast reduction recovery
  11. ice cream sundae birthday party
  12. shabby chic birthday
  13. caramelized onion
  14. sausage appetizer
  15. kids wrapping paper

It is super flattering that some of the search terms had my name in them. It also creeped me out to see how many variations of my name there were, too. I figure it is from those of you that know me and want to find my site. Hopefully, I am right, and I do not have a weird stalker.

Now, not all search terms are cut and dry, not your average ‘how to’ or simple searches that actually pertain to my site. Some, well, they made me scratch my head a little bit, cause they were directed to la vita mia, but had nothing to do with the results they clicked to!! The top strangest search terms that brought views to my site:

  1. 9 months pregnant woman (OK, I did tag a photo of myself on my surgery post, with this exact phrase, BUT ugh, the thought.)
  2. natural busty shower video (Uhm, OK?  You were prob disappointed when you got to my site, huh?)
  3. kids at snowy path
  4. my pregnant lingerie
  5. popsicle fundraiser
  6. tattoo ribbon
  7. got a valentine from son! she is so sweet (Anyone see an issue here?)
  8. how to use a hankie (OK, this is just out right bizarre! YES even more than those above!)
  9. is Nick Offerman a Christian (Yes! I wrote an Offerman blog when I saw him, but I just love this search more than anything! hah)
  10. laundry bra (I don’t get it either.)

Then there are the stats of most visited pages on my blog. Here are the top ten!
1. Home page
2. Ground Pork Tacos
3. A Cake Boss Themed Birthday
4. My List: 7 Must See Food Related Movies
5. An Ice Cream Sundae Birthday Theme
6. My Personal Story, Surgery and Recovery
7. Not Your Average Guacamole
8. Kids Gift Wrapping Ideas
9. About
10. Stocking Stuffer- Manicure Kit in a Jar

I think this anniversary post may be my favorite of the year.  It just shows how random my blog is…which is EXACTLY how I am. My life is a lot of things put together, and I love it. AND I LOVE YOU GUYS!!  (except the might be stalker!)

Happy Anniversary!


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