My latest obsession.. Mayim Bialik

In the list of my many obsessions, this is a newer one.   I am addicted to Mayim Bialik, well, her blog on  It’s a Jewish parenting website.

No, am not Jewish. I know.

Who doesn’t remember watching Blossom as a kid? It was one of my favorite shows growing up in the 90’s!  Blossom, the lead, was a floppy hat wearing teen.  The daughter to a lounge act musician, who was left by his wife to pursue her dreams (Blossom’s mom).  Blossom’s older brother, Tony, was a recovering alcoholic/druggy turned EMT. I loved his character a lot.  Her other brother, Joey, was a dumb jock, but all around good guy. Played by Joey Lawrence, of course. Hey what happened to him? Blossom had a crazy life with her fast talking, kooky, bff Six; whose name I loved, and a real cute boyfriend. It was a great show.

It was all Mayim all the time back then, till that show ended, and she disappeared from the limelight.  Rather than starting back on a new show or continuing on in TV, she decided to go to college. I remember learning this; being fascinated by the thought that she had a great acting talent and would’ve kept going, but decided to go to school like an average person.  Blew my mind, but who can blame her with how teenage stars ended up at that time. And. College is a great idea anyway.

Quickly, we all forgot about Mayim in our TV lives, but then we learned, through I think the graces of our obsession with VH-1’s I love the 90’s series, that she was able to make the switch from TV phenom to actually getting through college, studying to become a neuroscientist!! Flash forward to the late 2000’s, and she pops up on our favorite show, The Big Bang Theory, as Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s brilliant ‘friend that’s a girl, but not a girlfriend’, Amy Farrah Fowler. One of my favorite characters ever on TV.

We then learned that she is, in fact, a neuroscientist, like she plays on TBBT.  Was married, but just went through a very recent divorce. A mother to two boys. Holistic. Vegan. Writer. And a blogger.

And, we all fell back in love with Mayim!

Ok this was just me, but you get the point.

So. Back to her blog.

Mayim has so much good to say.  By good, I mean she writes with passion about her real experiences and feelings.  She is so funny, heartfelt, thought-provoking, and personal (in a very good way).  She writes about her life, with two children, and the quirky things they do.  And, even though I am not Jewish, being Sicilian/Catholic is pretty close (hah), the relative nature and honesty in which she speaks about her life, divorce, being a mother, and how it all intertwines with her inner feelings and faith, is so relatable and intriguing.

I am absolutely hooked.

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