Christmas Dinner Menu


Thought to share the menu we finalized today for Christmas dinner.  You will definitely see our holiday photos once I am vegetating next week. The pre-dinner drink and main course recipes will be shared for sure.


Our Menu for Christmas Dinner

Mixed Drink- Shaken Side Car


-Mini Quiches-

-Shrimp Cocktail-

– Homemade Chicken Soup with Cheese Tortellini-

-Roasted Brussells Sprouts with Pancetta-

-Potato Galette with Thyme-

-Pan Roasted Balsamic Leeks and Onions-

– Beef Tenderloin with Gravy –

A variety of wines- A Merlot, A Sangiovese di Romagna & A Pinto Grigio

followed by

Peppermint Chocolate Cake

Panettone (an Italian sweet bread)

My sister mentioned she would be bringing a cake as well.





Sounds good to me.

Let’s eat and drink!!

Darn, not till Tuesday!

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