It’s Lunchtime, and I am Bored.

Here I am, sitting at my desk, looking at my lunch in front of me.

A colleague and I ran to grab some food across the street at a cafe today. This place has everything under the sun, but we mostly go for the mezze salad bar. Which is a salad bar, but of Arabic/Middle Eastern food. Which is real good. There are bites of a few things in my clear plastic container..let’s see. It’s so colorful. There’s a spoon of hummus, 3 pieces of falafel, some barley salad, 1 piece of grilled eggplant, some tabouleh, 2 wedges of beets, two mushrooms, and some steamed broccoli. They didn’t have my favorite yoghurt though. Not sure how it’s spelled. I want to say it’s haydary. It’s a super thick, minty yogurt that tastes awesome with falafel and pita. I first tried it this Spring and was hooked instantly.

More often than not I’d rather work through lunch, chugging coffee, so I can jet out of work earlier. Giving me some extra time to shop, caffeinate, or lounge around, like I love to do.

There is an after work holiday get together tonight, and if I don’t eat all this then after two sips of wine I’ll be that girl. That tipsy girl from a sip of wine. No joke. My tolerance for alcohol is so low on an empty stomach, and I didn’t eat anything yet today. I really don’t need to be buzzing early, or, at all tonight anyway. The group I work with are jokesters, and they never forget a damn thing. Got to be on my toes!

Well, I just ate a few bites of my lunch and I found a giant raisin in the barley salad. WHY!? Not that I dislike raisins, but why the hell is it in the salad? Texturally all wrong. Ugh, they are those giant partially dehydrated grapes, not even a sweet raisin. Well, it makes for easier picking out I guess.

Tonight’s event is on our vendor’s dime. Not sure who from their company will be attending, but they are a bunch of suits I don’t quite care for. My work family and I don’t get chances to get together all that often either, so it should be a real fun night. I work in an office environment where I am the only woman. And believe me, I prefer it this way. Some women from my working past have been off the wall cuckoo cray cray- picture me also making the hand gesture for crazy. Men are much easier to get along with, in my opinion, and the group I work with is fantastic. Most of them are former law enforcement, worked in the AG’s office, or worked with the Feds in some way. They are real fun. They know that I love to joke around, but know when to be serious and give fatherly advice; and they mind their fucking business! It’s made for a happy 12 yrs of working together so far.

Can’t believe I’ve been working here for this long. Yeesh- Where’s the time gone? I started working for the Bank in 2000, freshly engaged and so young, and thinner. Took this job because I was so close to home at the time, and I wanted to start banking some good money towards our wedding. Seems like such a long time ago. I was 24 yrs old. My God. I miss being 24. But I can’t complain. In 12 yrs my job has evolved, and I have worked with some real nice people. My boss is a real nice guy, with whom I get along so well. I just can’t believe how fast it’s flown.

Now my lunch is gone. I hope eating all that will help me later on. Soak up some of the alkeehawl (a.k.a, alcohol).

Aww. A former colleague just stopped by for a visit. How awesome to see him! My Ernie! He worked the lobby of my building; a much older Lebanese gentleman with a great smile. We talked often, and laughed often. He always gave the best hugs and smelled amazing. Still does! He left his job a few weeks ago, and the lobby has been so bare since. No smiling face to greet you as you walk in. So sad. But he was sort of forced to resign. My company sold this building to a properties group and these people are terrible to work with. Just stubborn, and the feeling in this building is just..blah. And now with my little friend’s gone, it’s even worse. But I am so glad I was here for another chat and a hug.

Ok back to it. It’s another night of no cooking, which is a bummer, but I have some get togethers coming up and fun recipes to share!

OH. Also, ahem, Friday. Big day! MY BIRTHDAY!

Yes, I am a child.

Have a fun Tuesday everyone!


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