Ugh, some people.

Everyone has a list of things that annoy them.  These are at the top of my mind today. I’m sure there will be more lists in my future. ….

  • Toy packaging. Why on earth is Barbie bolted, taped, twisted, and now sewn into her packaging? They have thread woven through her head to keep it attached to the plastic backing. Toy companies have lost their ever-loving mind with their obsession to keep the toys pretty in the package. Last Christmas, after the big present reveal with my children, I was gauging myself for 40 minutes just taking the toys out of their wrapper! I actually had a pair of pliers! This year, noooooot a fat chance in hell I am doing this.
  • Breaking a nail. This always happens to me right after I notice that my nails are finally looking nice, growing in long and strong. Bam. Break.
  • A weak handshake. This has to be the worst thing to me. Meeting someone, going in for that hello and a firm handshake.. and they give you a limp, lifeless hand. Are you that bothered to shake my hand? Have you injured yourself and the thought of me shaking it scares you? Has no one ever taught you how to shake a hand?
  • Mosquitoes. What purpose do mosquitoes serve? Other than spreading disease, biting and leaving itchy bumps, or as frog & bat food? I just really don’t know and am too lazy to google it. But they seem to love to bite me and I hate them.
  • Dress sizes from store to store is different. Why can’t the size of clothes be universal? Ever notice every store or brand has a different sizing chart? WHY!?!? I want to wear the size I wear to be the same everywhere I go- especially if that number is low! I hate having to figure out if the v-neck tee I want to buy at the The Gap will be the same fit as the one I love from JCrew. So frustrating.
  • Lack of eye contact when speaking to someone. Now, I know some people have a real hard time with this, actually knew someone who just couldn’t do it.. for the most part I figured it’s some submissive reaction. BUT when the person is distracted or is looking around while you are in a full conversation, that boils my blood.  Hi there. See me?  I am talking TO YOU, not anyone else, so at least do me the courtesy of looking at me and acknowledging the words.
  • The overuse of Political Correctness. I am still reeling over the Tom Brokaw apology during the Presidential election vote tally. He made a remark, and excuse me for paraphrasing, but it was something like, “I am amazed by the schizophrenia of America’s political landscape”. Then within minutes he had to apologize for the use of that word and how it’s a serious disease and bla bla bla. FOR WHAT? Ugh, America. You have to be kidding me that we are this sensitive. Yes, schizophrenia isn’t a mental disease to make fun of, but he wasn’t making fun of it. Everyone has to get over themselves, because not everything should be taken so personal.
  • Drama. People that live in a constant state of upset, arguing, or soap opera type situations- minus the hotness that you’d find in a soap opera on TV. I avoid these people like the plague. You wanna know why? Cause eventually I will become the focus of their faux wrath and then I get swept into their insanity.
  • Social Media Haters! You know the people I am talking about. Those that say they are never on Facebook or other social media.. but in fact are all over it. You can see them liking and commenting everything a million times a day, or, updating their LinkedIn profile. No one really cares if you are online..believe me. I don’t care if you are talking to your BFFs, posting political crap (well, this I do care, just STAHP!), stalking your exes, or just playing games. I still love Facebook. Twitter is still not on my hot radar.  I am a social media reject though, thus this blog 🙂 hah
  • Women who complain about the toilet seats being left up. Can we be more stereotypical ladies?? I’ve had an issue with falling into the toilet seat ONCE. Once!! You know what happened after that incident? I started to check the toilet seat every time I would go to sit on it! I grew up in a house with 4 women and 1 man, so the likely hood that I’d be the one finding the seat up was slim, so when I fell in it was a total accident, not a drunk funny story, unfortunatley.  But one mistake as a newlywed, and it’s a learned lesson for life. Look before you sit!

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