What’s your “Desperado”?

The title is in reference to a 1996 Seinfeld episode, The Checks, where Elaine is dating a man who zones out whenever he hears the song Desperado by The Eagles.

Lately, I’ve been finding myself in a zone when hearing certain songs. If I hear even a few chords I get so wrapped up in hearing the song I don’t pay much attention to anything else. But it’s not just one song that zens me out! So, what gives?

The best example I have is from my 22 mile trek into work today, which took me an hour and a half (ugh!). The first song that shuffled up was Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. I really don’t know why this song completely takes me over, but it does. The first few flicks of the guitar and I instantly smile. Then I go on a little daydream. This song sends me back to a feeling from when I first heard the song..about two years ago. At a time when I was blossoming from the dreary winter; all anew from a surgery that changed my life (a story for another time). Losing myself in these thoughts I start singing along, just as the singer of this song..in a falsetto.  Very classy indeed. And I don’t care if I am alone or not, I sing in the damn car!

Well, when the song came to an end I immediately looked at my phone disappointed.  Anticipating another “desperado” type song, but that’s not the song that came on. I always have it on shuffle, and even though I love what shuffled up next I had to browse for another song that made me feel as good as that song. And I did within seconds of browsing. The Dave Brubek Quartet’s song Take Five. I love this song, and, there I start to smile thinking back to when I first heard this song. It was 1996, Mike, (my husband now, but new boyfriend then), and I were out at the Trident on Newbury Street browsing books while waiting on a table to grab a coffee.  We used to go there a lot when we first started seeing each other.  Good times.

Well, so far, if you haven’t noticed, I can drive on the highway without paying much attention to the actual driving, and, my taste in music is ecclectic to say the least.   But as I am writing I see that these moments sound of a sort of escape to a happy place. Does driving really bother me that I’d need an escape from it? And, how come I don’t get this when I hear my wedding song or a lullaby I had sung to my children a thousand times? Why is it so selective, as it’s not just one song that zen-zones me out?  How many questions can I ask all at once?

Interesting thought.

I’d love to know what’s your Desperado?  Post a link to it too so I can hear it.. and maybe zone out!

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