Maine 2018

Hey Everyone!

Arrrggggg, it’s already August! I guess, Happy August to you!

I swear this Summer has flown way too fast! Like way faster than years past.  Maybe because the girls got out of school so late, or that I wait for this time of year ALLL Yearrr LoooNNNg!?

Well, anywho, I am not going to be writing much about this trip to Maine because I think the photos / captions speak for themselves.  I had a relaxing time not thinking about much other than when to pour my next drink. (which is what I needed)  Overall, we had a great few days away with our friends making the most of the weather, the water, and view.  One of our best friends even ended up making the long drive up for an overnight with us.. and he brought Krispy Kreme donuts!  :)~

That’s a big win, Dan and Donuts.

Till next time, WordPressland!  (Which will be when I return from OUR CALIFORNIA TRIP!!) Not sure if I will blog each day while away or wait till I get back, but I am way too excited for this trip! I can’t stop talking about all the fun things we will see and do … and wear! hahah


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