Fourth of July 2018

Hey Everyone!

July 4, we cooked together and drank together…and sweat..uhm, together? Haha.  It was actually a lot of fun!

This year we decided last minute to throw the big BBQ bash, just a little smaller than years past.  Just family (and our besties).  The decision came after we had made plans to travel up to Canada the following day. Which I will post about when we are back.  We are in Montreal at the moment, last full day of a long weekend getaway, so time has been a little tight since we left Thursday to post anything about the Fourth…  but here I am!

This Fourth was a hot one, over 90F!  We had rented an inflatable slip n’slide from Perfect Parties USA, and I had bought a six foot tall inflatable unicorn sprinkler from Target for the lil ones.  I am so glad I got that majestic beast!  It came in handy after everyone was tired from slipping and sliding for hours.

We planned a potluck. With us grilling burgers n dogs, then we added sausages because, well, that’s what we do…sausages.  Everyone brought a dish, like potato salad, corn on the cob, peppers, Thai spring rolls, and desserts.  It was a fantastic food turn out!

Well, I am going to photobomb then run since it is past midnight and tomorrow is our last day up here. It has been a wonderful trip but I am in need of beauty sleep!

Ttys! xoxoxo

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