Walt Disney World April 16- Day 1

Day 1 Arrival

Hotel: Bay Lake Tower in Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney Park: Magic Kingdom (open till 10PM)

We exchanged rainy and chilly Boston for the blue skies and sunshine of Orlando!  We arrived to the MK at 2:30PM, with fast passes ready to start at 3:50PM. This is the only time I will reference the times because I don’t remember any other day!  haha

We walked from our resort to the park to find the Disney Festival of Fantasy parade being set up, so we decided to beat the crowds by walking through our favorite Main Street USA shop, the Confectionary.  It is just a pretty shop set up to look like the 1920’s, with all the candy and treats set up perfectly, and the smells.  It’s super sweet.  Within five minutes of walking in we encounter Sheila working behind the glass production area assembling white chocolate covered Mickey Mouse apples.  She spotted us, smiled, reached into her drawer, walked around the case to hand us each a white chocolate and cinnamon graham cracker crumb covered marshmallows.  (WHICH WERE SO YUMMY!)

Soon after that we walked over to get some iced coffees and frappuccinos, which I promised the girls they could get a few on this trip (which is something I DO NOT DO OFTEN!).  They were so happy to be sipping their Starbucks on Main Street as we watched the parade.  There was this humongous crude metal constructed dragon that breathes fire you could feel up to yards away; it was so cool to watch go by.

Once the parade passed, we raced over to get a bite to eat before the first fast pass.  What did the girls want? FUNNEL CAKE  hahah  So of course, we ventured to Sleepy Hollow to get some spicy chicken and waffles…and funnel cake.  The chicken and waffles was so spicy good, and big enough for three people!  Holy huge!. Of course, the girls had their funnel cake happily sitting by Cinderella’s castle with their drinks.

Ok, so we caffeinated and ate, and were off to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride. OH MY HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT COASTER!?!?! I had only seen it being built the last time we were at MK, which was a lot of fun seeing the construction crews walking along the top of the mountain.  Before coming on this trip, we watched some videos on YouTube so I wasn’t blindsided with large dips or twirls. Also, I was real nervous with how banged up I was from the car accident, that I was a tiny bit preoccupied with how I would feel. We had such a great time laughing and screaming our bums off, and rocking the whole seat dancing with Snow White.  No issues for anyone on that ride.  We all loved it so much and were glad we made it our first ride of the trip!!

Then we hit up Mickey’s PhilharMagic to cool off and before heading to our next fast pass Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I love BTM more than any other ride in MK, like, I could go on it all day and just laugh crazily thinking I am going to bump my head on that swooping hill.  haha  I swear one of these times I will.  After this we grabbed some food at Peco’s Bill because our kids love that place, and my husband does too.  We had a great experience with the Mobile Ordering, which we used about three or four times on this trip..even for Dole Whip our last MK day!

After that quick service bite to eat we headed to Adventureland to check out the Tiki Room.  Weird that I had never seen this show, right?  I mean, in all the times I have been to the MK, it has either been closed for refurbishment or something was wrong with it.  Well, this visit we all got to experience this for the first time, and we thought the bird cast was funny..but especially loved the doorway tiki.

After that show, we raced to get on to our last pre reserved FP, the Haunted Mansion.  Ok, so I am the ‘gothy’ one in my family.  I have always LOVED the idea of gloomy, vintage estates, where you are transported into a spooky time where things take humor in death.  So, this whole ride does it right.  From the waiting queue to the entrance into the ride to the CMs acting ghoulish, you are just immersed into this great scene. And, the costumes of the CMs are literally the best in any of the parks, it’s just all kinds of good.

After this we grabbed some Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches/Bars for the girls, then grabbed a few more fast passes, starting with it’s a small world.  We reminisced on this ride about how many times our youngest made us ride it on our first trip.  Like fifty!  haha.

Then we headed towards the Mad Tea Party since it was still light out; where the girls rode it a few times on their own. THIS IS HUGE GUYS!  They opted to ride a lot of rides, including Big Thunder Mountain, ALONE!!  Leaving me with my Mickey to ride alone, too.  Yes, I actually call my husband Mickey..not because of the Mouse, but because I loved my very sweet Australian friend calling him that when he came to visit us for the first time when we were newlyweds. He traveled with his best friend Michael, who he called Mick, as well as my husband. So, I just started calling him that as a “remember Pat calling you Mick, too?”, that it became a thing for us.

After the tea cups, we ran back to BTM, but first The Muppets in Great Moments in American History was starting so we stopped to watch.  SOooOOoo here is another weird fact about me, I had a huge crush on Fozzie Bear, Rowlf and Animal as a kid.  Yup..  hahah  Just putting that right there.  So anyways, we watched this show briefly, as we were on our way to BTM.  We got onto the ride, and able to get on it a couple of times because wait times were so low.

While walking from BTM, we heard Happily Ever After starting and ran down to catch it anywhere we could.   It was a beautiful display with the castle projections, we all really loved it standing together in a big group hug.  But as we were watching it I said, “who’s with me to split to BTM again?!”, which was all of us!  And the best idea.  We got there with less than a minute wait, letting the kids experience the ride at night. We got to sit in the back which was amazingly fun.  Man, was it a blast.  You could hear our kids laughing and screaming, it was so much fun.  Oh and me too.  I am a laugher.

The night wasn’t over!  The castle had another projections show, Once Upon a Time, which we caught as we were making our way to Main Street USA from Frontierland.  Another beautiful display, and music, which we sang along to.  Then we walked to our resort, which was a cool five minutes from the MK.

We had such a fun start to our trip, our first day out of three at MK.


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