2017- Christmastime in NYC

Hey Everyone!

Christmas and New Year’s are just days away!  Yay!!  Hey my page has snow again…I love when they do this on wordpress.  :))))))))))

You know what I am about to say, where has this year gone? This has been the fastest year of my life.  I swear we just celebrated Christmas a few months ago, not a year ago! Is this what people mean by “time flies when you are having fun” or is this how fast life really goes?  Because I can remember being a kid and life was so slooooow and boring at times that time never sped up.  <– where’d that go? haha

Ok, here I am on December 21, the house has been decorated since Thanksgiving weekend, which makes me happy, and I have to wrap a few more things before the weekend starts tomorrow.  This weekend is packed with parties and family dinners and gift exchanges, which is always a good time.  I love presents. Not just for myself, but seeing the gifts being opened is always fun.   My kids are going to literally die when they open their gifts Monday morning, I cannot WAIT!  (I’d share with you what they’re getting but my oldest reads my blog now..so..no.)

Also, Hi Ava, I will not spoil the surprises because I love you. 

Speaking of how awesome we are as parents, we surprised the kids this weekend with a weekend in Manhattan! We kept the secret!!   I have been going to NY since I was born, Manhattan since I was a teen and we have been going to NYC for my birthday since my husband graduated college, and started taking the kids with us a few years ago.  They, similar to me, love going on trips, so they were beyond excited (after the shock and sadness of no school set it-yes my oldest was sad to miss school..  not my kid hahah) !  We had such a great time, lucked out with the weather, and like our last trip, we hit some spots with them that we used to frequent before they were born. It was really great to share these experiences with them, and I hope to continue adding on to their adventures in NYC.  Though, maybe next time we can go not on my birthday weekend but in the Spring or early Fall, because I really hate the colder weather!!

Ok well, I have to jet because I’m technically working…   hahaha.


Happy almost Christmas!


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