Happy Fourth Flipagram!

Hey everyone!

Hope you guys had a fun filled, safe and fantastic Fourth of July!🇺🇸  God bless, America and Happy Birthday!  We really do live in an amazing country!

Yesterday, we threw a bbq for all of our family and friends.  The weather was hot, the sun was shining and that made me happy!  Hah. We rented an inflatble slipnslide that seemed to keep the kids…and, some adults, cool!

Though it was a great time, so happy to see everyone and enjoyed all the food and sangria….  It just wasn’t the same without my mom there, but she will be home soon! Yay!!

Instead of posting all of my photos individually on here, because I’m starting to lose a little bit of the free space that I’m given  through wordpress, I thought I would just post a flipagram!

And bonus, it comes with holiday themed music! LOL

Hope you all have a great July!  Blog real soon!


Click below:


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