Vacation Diary-Day 1- Fort Lauderdale

Hey everyone!!  Happiest of Thursdays to you!

I still cannot believe we’re back home. It has been an amazing twelve days out of reality, and I am still feeling good from it ..though once in awhile I feel a bit of the boat swaying though I am on land. Hah.

Our vacation…

We started off our vacation with a quick overnight in Fort Lauderdale, where we were to meet up with our Aussie friends locally. We got to Ft Lauderdale at around 4PM; we booked The Reef hotel, which was a block away from the main strip/beach.

Fort Lauderdale was interesting.  Lots of strip malls driving to the beach area. The actual beach/strip was huge. Lots of shopping and tons of restaurants AND masses of people.  Lots of whom loved plastic surgery…holy hard looking chemical balls (most not even that attractive imo).  But anyway, It was a balmy 80 degrees, palm trees, lots of beautiful people, beautiful ocean and open skies. So lovely. I was, however, surprised at how small the actual sand footage the beach had, it was quite small compared to our beaches.

But it was unique, and oh so Florida!  Woo, I liked it a lot.

We quickly checked into our cute little hotel, which was real clean and had a humongous room with kitchenette!, then ran to put our feet in the sand!  There wasn’t any vacation type feelz till we took off our sandals to feel the soft sand and warmth on our feet. We all breathed a sigh of relief, which felt amazingly good. (We earned a relaxing trip with all the insanity lately.)

We walked about five blocks along the sand, then rushed over to the restaurant where we were meeting our friends for dinner, Casablanca Cafe.  I was anticipating this meet up since we decided to join them on the cruise last year.  It was absolutely surreal. My family and I were having a drink bar side when they pulled up. I could see their shadows from their Uber, and I just ran over flailing my arms, with tears gleaming in my eyes. Finally!! After twelve years, I get to hang out with my friends and meet their children I have only seen growing up through FB!  We hugged and hugged and hugged and smiled and hugged.  

Absolutely gorgeous. What beautiful people inside and out.

We enjoyed our first meet up immensely. Our children attached themselves to one another quickly, and had a ball catching up on what they wrote through emails and playing games. Us adults had a great time saying ‘oh my God, I can’t believe it’s happening’ about sixty times while enjoying great conversation, wine, beer and awesome food.

Thumbs up to the Casablanca Cafe. They were able to pull together a table for nine through a busy Saturday night on their small (facing the ocean) outdoor seated patio that just held us privately. It was perfect. The food was just as perfect.  My husband and I rarely get the same dish, but we both went in for the lightly seared (raw) tuna steak and it was tdf.  If I ever get back to Ft Lauderdale, I will surely make another stop there.

After dinner we went to our hotels to get ready for the next day.. the cruise embarkment! WOOHOOO!!
As you can see, the kids got along super great from the initial meeting!! lol  


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