2014 Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with all your families and friends!  

As I mentioned in my last post, I took the lead to host Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a holiday I love.  I mean, who doesn’t love to eat all day?!?  

I had big shoes to fill.  My mom and dad always put the best feasts together, and brought us so close as a family because it was just the five of us in this country, and that made our Thanksgivings even more special for me. Now fast forward to us today, well, we are back to smaller Thanksgivings.  My oldest sister is overseas now, and, my older sister annually goes to her in laws in the mid-west, so it makes me feel a big major void.  Though I know they’re happy, healthy and safe, it’s still crappy to not be with them on this festive of holidays. 

But, I am getting used to it.

So, this Thanksgiving was a very special day for me, because I felt all the traditions resting on me for my family’s future Thanksgivings.  This was my first time making our stuffing and capon (we don’t eat turkey!), too, which was a big deal for me.  My mom helped me most of the Wednesday beforehand which was a major help, and I learned a lot.

But, it was all up to me Thursday to make the magic happen…and I think I succeeded!

I got up super early to start on my day. Everything felt so right, and I am so happy (and THANKFUL) to say that all went off without a hitch. From the start our house had a great vibe. Music was playing (I think I danced to Shake It Off like thirty times in six hours!!).  Coffee was flowing. The kids were so happy to run back and forth to the kitchen and TV room to catch the Macy’s float parade (I love they screamed for me to come see Toothless..he’s my new fav!). We were all joyful singing and bopping away; so happy to be hosting our families for the day.

Unfortunately, we did get hit with a snowstorm the day before, but that actually worked in my favor. The girls were stoked to go play in the snow from the second they woke up, and did so for almost two hours after breakfast!!  THAT was a huge chunk of time where I had focus on my tasks solely. Thank you, girls!!

I did change up the menu last minute, eliminating a few things. My father in law unfortunately was too ill to dine with us, and that left a void.  Though he was missed, we had a great time from start to finish.  My husband was a major help, as always, with the post party clean up and our girls were so well behaved I forgot how young they were at times.  This Thanksgiving Day was a fun one.



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