A Harry Potter Birthday… The Invite

Harry Potter Themed Party… The Invitations


The invitation portion of the party planning was left up to my husband.  This is his specialty!

We, our girls and I, gave him the specs of what we wanted to have for the main focus of the invite, well, what the girls wanted.  One daughter wanted it to be the Hogwart’s letter, the other daughter wanted it to be just like the save the date, and we wanted it to be easy to ready and understandable for those who aren’t Potterheads.

This is what he came up with one day to turn it around!




I think he pulled it off perfectly; it had a little of what we all wanted and everyone that received an invite loved them.  Especially all our HP fans.  🙂

AAAand the best part was we all had our part in making this project come together.  My husband designed, printed and cut everything. Then I folded, glued and stamped the envelopes, and, the girls popped on specially chosen HP stamps for each invite! Great cooperation project.

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