Card holder Birdcage

We just celebrated our daughter’s First Holy Communion with a garden themed party at home.  In keeping with the theme’s rustic feel, I decided to take my hands to glue to craft a few of the party details.

This birdcage was a thought since the inception of party planning.  I wanted to get a birdcage as a focal point of the day.  On a trip to a local floral supply store, where I was going for a birdcage, my sister and I spent three hours looking for a birdcage an associate said was in stock..but when we got to check out were told there was a birdcage although broken.  I still wanted to see it.  The cashier pulled out this perfectly aged birdcage just without a bottom.  I bought it because it was perfect, even without the bottom, and he gave me an insane price for it.  hah

This is what I came up with….

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My husband will be making a base for this sometime, so I will have a fun birdcage to use wherever I would like in the house or for other parties.  Like the Harry Potter themed one for the girls this year.  I think a Hedwig replica will look great in there!  😉

Check out the other crafts from her party here!

Burlap and Lace Votives
Cake Pop Stand and Donut Hole Topiary
Communion Confetti



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