Burlap and Lace Votive Candle Project

These burlap and lace votives were a quick craft to put together, at under an hour, and I ended up making four different styles out of the two ribbons to keep with the  shabby chic/rustic feel of my daughter’s party.  A pair of votives highlighted each centerpiece, and was a cute glimmering addition as the day turned to dusk.

Here is what you will need:
– craft glue
– 1 cotton swab or the like to spread the glue
– 12 candle filled glass votives
– 2.5 yards of burlap/lace ribbon, cut into strips to fit each votive (Initially, I had purchased seperate burlap and lace ribbons, then came across the hybrid at a floral supply)
– 2 yards of 5/8″ double sided satin ribbon
– 2 yards of jute twine

(FYI don’t forget a sheet of paper to cover the table)

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Here are a few snapshots of these votives during the party. Super cute, right? 😉


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