Easter Egg Hunts Past

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous sunshine and Spring weather! 

I am up to my eyeballs in busy-ness preparing for this and the following weekends.  Even so, I wanted to take some time out to talk about our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The party is this Sunday, and it will be our fifth anniversary hosting!  I almost had to pass up on putting it together, because our lives have been just so busy with all the festivities surrounding us, but when I approached the girls about it not happening they insisted we find the time. hah

So… Palm Sunday it is!  Thankfully, everyone will be able to make it even with it being planned so last minute! YAY!

FIVE YEARS!  Can you believe it!?

We started this Easter tradition back in 2009, when my sister, Piera, visited from Italy for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary bash.  Since she was here a short time with her husband and our new niece, whom none of us outside of my parents had met yet!, I figured it was a great opportunity to kick off Spring making memories with her here!  It was a wonderful time and so many sweet memories were made!

So..as you may see what I am alluding to.. on this coming 5th Anniversary, I am sharing some of the highlights of that very first year’s events.  For most of our kids it was their very first egg hunt.  With them all so little, we had the hunt indoors, and it was the first time we had our furry hopping visitor at our house! 

To view the photo captions, use your mouse to hover over the photo. 


Our children don’t remember any of this, but I will never forget it all. My whole family was together celebrating. We had all the grandchildren (those from that time!) together for the first time, too. My niece Marcella and nephew Luca were just babies, under a year, our nephew George seemed like a big boy at that time, but looking back he was so little. Gah, the time, guys, it’s flying. My girls were so beautiful that little in those dresses. If I could only go back for a minute. 😦

Ok ok, enough of me getting sappy.

Here are some more highlights of years past!

This fifth year I am so excited to have all my family and dearest friends together celebrating another Easter. I cannot wait for all the new memories this Sunday!


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