Communion Reception

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend with this mini preSpring heatwave. heh.

This May, we will be celebrating my oldest daughter’s First Holy Communion. Her communion is the first of her religious rites that she will remember for as long as she lives, and we have the honor of being a part of it. Also, making it more memorable.

Since the year has started, I have been on overdrive planning for this day, and the details have just started to gel. After a whole lot of researching and shopping trips, I am at a good place to talk about it with you.

The theme will be a Vintage Garden Party. We will open up our yard for a Spring garden get together decorated in cream and burlap accented with candles, lace, twine and celery colored ribbon. My daughter loves the theme, and all the details so far. <– major relief! Her opinion means so much, and I want her to have input.

Well, now you know I will be busy planning over the next month and a half. Just keep a look out for the Communion post after the party in May. It will be detailed with all the planning, crafting and party details.

Have a great night. I am off to do some late night work on the invitations!

Thought it would be funny to share 2 family photos of mine and my sisters’ of our big day.  My sisters will hate that I am sharing theirs, but look at how cute I was !!  Heh. Also, mine is just rotten, but I don’t mind sharing it!

Always the baby sistahhhh!

My family circa 1980 (I am the little one in front).
My family circa 1980 (I am the little one in front).

My big communion day.  Stop yer laughin'!
My big communion day. Stop yer laughin’!

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