Disney Favorites During Our Jambo House Villa-Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort Stay

We spent six nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge this trip.We made it back!  Two years ago we had an amazing time, and we did it again!

Room savannah view
During our stay we were in room 5301, Savannah view of the Arusha Savannah.
The villa room was perfect for us. The layout was great, plenty of storage and spacious for our family. The view was nothing less than awesome of the Savannah. Within two minutes of hanging out on the balcony off our room, where we were watching a few gazelles and an ostrich, we viewed a threesome of giraffes strolling by our room window. They were so beautiful, and a daily fixture. Some mornings the setting was surreal. The savannah was full of wildlife for our entire six night stay, which made our animal loving family super happy.

**previously, in 2012, we stayed at the AKL, but the opposite side two floors below and it was real nice, too. Not nearly as many animals, but private and nice.

Restaurant. Boma
We enjoy Boma a great deal. It is a fun buffet with a variety of foods from the African landscape, and caters to a lot of type of eaters.
The staff is super friendly and dealing with the chef for our food allergies was a delight. The chef normally walks the folks with allergies through the menu of what cannot be eaten, but this time, Chef Brian, went out of his way during then after dinner to check in with us …and chat for a while, real nice guy. He shared the recipe for the peanut rice, like he read my mind with how much I liked it! So, I cannot wait to make it for my husband and I! Heh  ALSO, the last night of our stay, we opted for the quick service and hang out.  We needed to discuss allergies again, and who showed up? BRIAN!  He was so awesome and funny; very nice to deal with good customer service at every level. (seriously, Brian was awesome and runs all the kitchens, including some off site!)

Snack chocolate chocolate chip muffin
I have no idea why, but I loved them and want one now.

Non Alcoholic Drink Pomegranate Lemonade Punch for the kids in Boma

Alcoholic Drink Porcupine Ridge, Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa and safari ale!

Place to Chill Out two spots tied… fireplace outside and inside!

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