Kids Wrapping Ideas II

Here are more gift wrapping ideas for the little ones in your life.

You might remember back in February 2013, I had blogged a post talking about one of my ultimate obsessions.. gift wrapping. I love wrapping gifts!

You can be a super talented crafty person, or completely talentless, just putting effort into making a present special is truly thoughtful and easy.  How you wrap is a perfect way to make the gift recipient feel special. AND, it’s a fun activity for you and your child to do together.

Here are more fun ideas to do on your own or with your children!  Just have fun and use that creativity!

For the kindergartener!
My six-year-old helped me with this wrap for her friend.  I think it came out pretty darn cute! This photo is washed out for some reason, not sure why, but it is a baby blue paper with giant blobbed purple dots all around. We wrapped it then placed an extra band across with a purple blob at its center to stick his name across in puffy stick on letters; my daughter’s fav part! This also provided a pocket to slide the card underneath. Then placed curled green and purple ribbon length wise, keeping it as masculine as possible..for a 6yr old boy.

Young boy wrapping paper
This gift was a roborapter-a robot dino – and my daughter thought this paper looked like dino skin- which means she wanted to use it.

For the baby girl!
Here I mixed media a little. The polka-dotted wrapping paper is simple and colorful, then I added on the cupcake wrap around the center which had a lot of color and a texture. The cupcake paper that is layered on top has a harlequin diamond texture imprinted on it. It is a heavy weighted paper that I scored at Marshall’s for like $2.99 a roll this Summer..and it has wrapped a ton of presents! What you see here was the last piece left, and wanted to use it as it would hold its shape and the boxes.  Then on top I fashioned my own bow.  The bow was too easy. Strips of paper curled into a bun. Then topped with a cupcake cut out!

Running a sash of paper around the gifts like this is a great way to keep the boxes in place and add some texture/color.
Bow up close.
After I took these photos, I wrote the recipients name on the bottom of the cupcake as I noticed the wording said Happy Birthday to…

For the sweet 8 yr old.
This gift is just so pretty in person, the photograph’s doing it zero justice.  It’s a shiny turquoise paper that has iridescent leopard spots. I want to say I also scored this at Marshall’s for under $3.  I have used this wrap a few times so far and can probably get another gift wrapped out of it.

To soften the paper, to make it more age appropriate, I used a soft pink tulle for the ribbon. The tulle was tied on top, in a big knot, and the remainder was cut into a fluffy pompom bow. Around it I had looped some of the extra paper to make the centerpiece more voluminous, then adorned it with a sequins ballet slipper ornament.  The ornament was a big score at Pier1 after the holidays! Got it for I think a buck!   This bright wrap is perfect for a girls birthday present (or for any girl or woman! Believe me, glitter is always a big hit!!).

The photograph shows the spots real strong in a rainbow pattern, but in person it is more opalescent.


It’s shiny and girly. Just what an 8-year-old likes!

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