The Disney World Trip Reveal!!

Disney World Here We Come!

Finally! After months of all the stealth Disney World trip planning, the girls were able to get in on the secret on Christmas morning.

The girls came downstairs, at the crack of dawn, to find the tree lit up and surrounded by tons of wrapped and unwrapped toys. The blue wintery wrapped and unwrapped gifts from Mom and Dad, and the striped gifts from the big man, Santa. But. The most special were right in the front; 2 giant, red, overstuffed gift bags adorned with black vinyl Mickey Mouse heads from BOTH Santa and Mickey Mouse!


They raced for those Disney bags shouting, then started in on reading every letter and unwrapping every stitch of wrap meticulously. The girls were making noises I never thought possible to come out of the mouths of small children like them!  

So, what was inside those bags anyway?

Some things I have been collecting for months!! Crayons, light up fans, stickers, Minnie themed elastics, coin purses, Minnie Ear clips (which I think will magically be clipped to my hair!), and more hair accessories. Then tissues for their bedrooms.
Light up Disney fans.
Light up necklaces!
I created these "meal invites" for the girls.  My oldest loved these.  I figured it was a great way to let them in on where we are eating and when...They can hand them to me every day to also remind me!  heh
I created these Disney Character Meal “invites” for the girls to go along with our dining reservations. My oldest loved these and mentioned how Santa didn’t go into this much detail last time (haha). I figured it was a great way to let them in on where we are eating and when…They can hand them to me every day to also remind me! heh
Some $1 Store rain ponchos (2 yellow and 2 white), just in case!
Each Minnie Mouse head change purse (from the Disney Store) was filled with $.50 and $.01 so they can use the pressed penny machines wherever they want. Which is their fav thing to spot out.
A cute purple pair of fuzzy Minnie Mouse slippers for the hotel. (a big score at WalMart!)
The Minnie Mouse letter was also a huge hit! These tulle makeup bags were  for each girl. Major score with these bags. They were free from my cosmetic purchases from Nordstrom online. They were filled with mini hair comb tiaras, glimmery nail polish, sparkly lip gloss, Minnie Mouse hair bands, a lip gloss crown ring, and Minnie Mouse hair clips.  I also had a baby blue tulle bag was filled with the ‘Mom has to use’ products-glitter hairspray, gel, bobby pins, brushes, etc. All the items I’d need to do their hair the right way. heh
The activity books I made with a few boxes of glittery, fun colored crayons.
The Mickey Mouse head button tees!
The countdown calendar that was set up off to the side.
The Mickey Mouse bandaid dispenser!
They freaked out over the personalized Phineas and Ferb letter regarding the autograph books. I mean, I knew they wanted autograph books cause all they talked about were getting one. They unwrapped them as fast as they could after reading the letter, then jumped for joy. Literally, three feet off the ground! My oldest started cheering over their names on them; it was so sweet.

Customized embroidered clothes made by the very talented KatieJoBelle’sBoutique, a.k.a, Mrs. Claus! She had made personalized tees, sculpted Disney character clips, Minnie Mouse dresses and hair bands last trip that will come along on this trip, too! Below are shots of the two personalized handmade chevron striped dresses, the Disney character embroidered/personalized tee shirt and tulle skirt, a Minnie Mouse hair bow, and embroidered striped tees.  The other two items, the dresses, are from the Disney Store.

Luckily, every gift went over phenomenally well. They were absolutely over the moon with all the detail Santa put into their presents, especially to find out what resorts Santa planned for us.  I never have seen two kids overjoyed over resorts before.

The insanity of all the secret planning was well well wellllll worth it!  I cannot tell you how much joy it brought to me seeing their faces light up and hearing the squealing over the fun things. Especially, when my oldest held up her button Mickey head tee saying she thought that was the most special gift of the trip stuff because it was purple. 🙂  She held onto it for an hour!  

We haven’t spent a minute of our days since the big reveal Christmas morning discussing anything else. The girls cannot wait to get back to Disney World! And, well, we cannot wait either! I cannot wait to introduce them to the rides that were closed on our last trip; which happen to be my favorite!– Thunder Mountain and the Khali River Rapids! They are going to flip! Though knowing Splash Mountain will be closed was a big bummer! But it is still going to be an amazing trip!

2 thoughts on “The Disney World Trip Reveal!!

  1. This is AMAZING. I want to steal a fraction of these projects to make a magical vacation countdown.

    They won’t even notice missing Splash Mountain with all the other magic at Magic Kingdom!

    1. Aww thanks! I have so many ideas swirling in my head that I need to slow it down. Lol.

      I cannot believe Splash Mtn will be down, but Im sure youre right. There is just sooo much to do they might now notice…

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