Disney- Mickey Mouse Head Autograph Books

We are getting down to the big trip reveal wire!

One thing the girls didn’t request till after we left Disney World were autograph books. As we started to plan this trip a few months ago, I started feverishly searched for one they would love, and kept hitting dead ends. The Disney store sold one, and many people make them, but they were unsightly, flimsy or busy! Which got my creativity juices flowing…why not make them one!?

Back during school supplies week in August, I purchased two feminine, colorful patterned journals from Walmart; each under $3. Each journal was filled with pages and large enough for the characters to write on.

The plan was to take thee journals and paint them into Disney themed books…but I changed my mind!


I had some script and Mickey Mouse head shapes of vinyl cut, then placed them on their centers. Then had pink vinyl shapes cut to cover the barcode on the back.




Along with these books, the girls will have a large Sharpie attached to these on a string.

Cute right!?

3 thoughts on “Disney- Mickey Mouse Head Autograph Books

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