Melted Crayon Wax Pumpkins

Hi All!

What a fun craft to do with your kids.
I snagged this pumpkin craft off of pinterest, as it seemed easy to do with the girls and a lot of fun; as I love making a mess! The one thing I switched out was the faux pumpkin for the real ones we already had from our trip to the farm last weekend.

All you need is a pumpkin, some glue, crayons and a hair dryer!
The color combinations are endless..I thought to sprinkle glitter on them as they dried, but the house is packed up and couldn’t find the craft box!! Arg! If you try that message me the pic!!

I chose to make a white pumpkin with black/grey/white crayons.  Here is the pumpkin after cleaned with a dry cloth. Make sure to cover your work area and place the pumpkin on either a paper plate or more table covering as the max can splatter.
You’ll need crayons with their paper wrappers removed then cut in half. Glue crayon halves around the top of the pumpkin. I found it easy to place the crayons on the ribbing of the pumpkins to keep them from sliding around. (glue is craft glue)
Place the hair dryer over the crayons set on LOW SPEED with HIGH HEAT setting. If you put it on high speed then the wax sprays all over as it melts.
Another view of the melting crayons.
The crayons take about 30 seconds or so to start ‘sweating’, begin the process of melting, then within a minute of heat they will drip and pool around the stem.
Finished Pumpkin!
Let dry once all the crayons are melted.   Finished Pumpkin!
A shot of my baby girl's colorful pumpkin.
A shot of my baby girl’s colorful pumpkin.
A shot of my big girl's green pumpkin!
A shot of my big girl’s green pumpkin!  This is what the crayons look like as they start to melt. It’s real neat to see.
All our pumpkins set up on the porch!
All our pumpkins set up on the porch!

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