Back to Visit the Mouse!

Hey Everyone!

As we are wrapping up from the girls’ birthday bash, I am onto the next project phase in my life …packing up the four major rooms of my house, in their entirety!! ..the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and TV room! As you guessed it, the house renovations are around the corner and I started working on getting everything stored away yesterday, and will probably continue tonight into the weekend. My Mom and Sister will be swinging by at the end of the week to help me further, too. Thank GOD! It is a lot of work and I only got through two shelves of my dining room closet!! It is a huge closet, in my defense. ARG! —-> But I am not going to talk about that right now, cause I am also in the midst of planning our next trip to DISNEY WORLD! YAAAHHH!

We have done a ton of planning and prepping for this trip so far, and have a lot more to do, but let me start this category of my blog off with some back story.

My favorite part of this trip’s planning is that our two girls have no clue about this vacation yet, well technically; this will be their big gift from Santa this Christmas!

We had repeated this type of ‘secret’ before in 2011, some of you might remember it was for our first Disney family trip in 2012 that I photo posted back when I started this blog. We had convinced our oldest, who was at the magical age of 6 at the time, to ask Santa for a trip for the family to Disney World. Which she thought was the best idea she had ever come up with (hah). For some reason I had told my children, “When you are six, it is an even more magical age to interact with Santa, and he can give you any gift you really really would like. Like say…a trip to Disney World!”..power of persuasion people!

And that is what Santa gave the girls! A gift box was left in front of the Christmas tree, a humongous box!, filled with all the things they needed for a perfect Winter vacation in Disney. Whatever you can think of it was in that box. I went nuts, I mean, Santa was very generous!! The box was wrapped in candy cane striped paper that had giant black Mickey Mouse heads adorning every side at the center. The box’s lid was tricked out. When the girls removed the lid from the box, a massive amount of Mickey Mouse colored streamers with hanging Mickey Mouse cut outs spilled down. They thought that was the coolest thing! Everything in the box was in a Disney wrap theme of some sort. There were small toys of all types inside (a lot with blinking lights!), a 2012 Mickey calendar, some custom designed shirts with embroidered characters and names, store-bought clothes, handmade Mickey, Minnie and Disney Princess sculpted hairclips and hair bands, Cars 2 the Movie, airplane snacks for the flights there and back, homemade coloring books with Minnie Mouse themed crayons and coloring pencils, bubbles, Disney plushes, Mickey and Minnie silver necklaces and rings, faux park tickets, maps with itineraries, and on top of it all was a special letter from Mickey made out to the girls!

Now, our youngest just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago…. that magical age. Which means Santa has to be creative with the present again this year.


They loved meeting Eeyore!

2012 Disney World- Magic Kingdom- Crystal Palace- They loved meeting Eeyore!



We have booked flights, made dinner reservations and started some small projects so far, which I will touch upon in my next Disney related blog. Planning this trip further on here will be a perfect distraction as we get in the thick of construction. I created a Disney category tab on my homepage so you can share in the insanity of planning this trip! I love to share the things I do, because I hope it will spark others who are creative with ideas like it does for me, and, they can share their experiences and such back.

Have an awesome week guys!

Keep an eye open for the next trip planning installment!



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