Costa Rica- Chocolate Farm

Hey Everyone! Onto our second day in La Fortuna.. This day we woke up later than normal, at 8:30AM, to a super cloudy day.  As soon as we hit up breakfast at the Tres Cascadas the sun started to shine.  We hung out at breakfast a long while, just soaking in all the beautiful surroundings….

Costa Rica- Rainforest Hikes and Zip Lining

Hey Everyone! Our first day in La Fortuna… We woke up early; OK, I woke up crazy early at 5:50AM!, the rest woke up at 8AM, and we went to our first breakfast on the resort.  The restaurant where they served breakfast, the Tres Cascadas, was on the third floor, all open and partially outdoors.  This first morning we…

Costa Rica 2017- The Springs Resort and Spa

Hey Everyone! I have to split this second part of our trip out into separate posts because we did so many fun things. So, the tour guide picked us up in Tamarindo around 10AM to take us to La Fortuna.  La Fortuna is just under 4 hours East from Tamarindo.  Our tour guide had shared…

Costa Rica 2017 – Tamarindo

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, we like to jet out of Boston during the Winter.  It can be a cruel place here to us beach lovers, and the best way to get through the cold is.. to leave it!   This Winter vacation we decided to finally explore the beautiful country of Costa Rica….