1950s Birthday Theme

Hello!! This weekend we celebrated my two most favorite human beings on the planet… my two daughters! It was their annual big birthday bash!  My girls are two years apart, with their birthdates two weeks apart in the month.  We throw their party together because it makes the most sense for family and friends to come … More 1950s Birthday Theme

Let’s Fiesta!!

Hello Everyone! This Saturday we celebrated our daughters’ birthdays.  The theme this year if you can’t guess from the blog title was…a …. FIESTA! Olé!   Every year we throw a themed party, of our kids’ choosing, and we try very hard to make sure it is not just a theme thrown together, but one that … More Let’s Fiesta!!

Unicorn Birthday

Unicorn Birthday! Happy birthday to my September girls! We celebrated our daughters’ birthdays Saturday with an Unicorn theme party.  Our daughters are obsessed with unicorns and rainbows, so when I suggested some options for a birthday theme this year (between a unicorn theme, Just Add Magic theme, or an emoji theme) they jumped at the … More Unicorn Birthday

Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi You will need to make a batch of Rice Krispies Treats. The recipe is as follows: 3 tbsp butter 1 10oz package of marshmallows 6 cups of dry Rice Krispies In a large sauce pan, melt the butter slowly, add in the marshmallows, and melt completely. Add in the cereal and mix well. Then … More Candy Sushi

A Kokeshi Birthday

Happy birthday to my September girls! We celebrated the girls this weekend with a super fun birthday theme, a Kokeshi Birthday! The girls had one request for their birthday party this year, well two. One was that they wanted a jumpy house, and the other was to have Chinese food! Which is how I came … More A Kokeshi Birthday