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Let’s start with who I am…   I am Valeria (vah-leh-ree-yah).  I am first generation Italian, Sicilian, which means I was born here in America to Italian immigrant parents; with my two older sisters born here before me, we are the first branch of our family tree to be American-Italian.   
A very big part of my being is my Sicilian culture. The way I live, think, eat, drink… everything, is with a passion that burns constantly inside my soul.   I get this from my parents. They are pretty amazing people, they do EVERYTHING, and I thank them for having sacrificed so much of themselves for the future they had no idea about in another country.  

This is me —>me2014

My family life is always busy. I am married with two children. My husband and I have been best friends since we met in 1996 and married in 2001. We have so many common interests, joking all day, and we try to enjoy every moment together.  He is very loving, thoughtful and loves sharing his life with me. And, a major bonus, he is my own personal handyman!!  (ladies, that is an important sexy trait)  

We are  proud parents to two of the cutest, smartest and funniest girls that we know.  They amaze us on a daily basis and they make great travel companions. 

We love to travel, and have been to some beautiful US states and international countries …Japan, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, France, England, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc.   We try to visit a new country or city as often as we can. 

A little more about me…  

I love people with a good sense of humor. More than anything on this planet, I love to laugh and surround myself with people who keep me smiling and laughing.  Life would be so dull without it. 

I love to to cook.. I grew up with a mom who cooked from scratch, no boundaries on what she could make. So I started making myself snacks or meals afterschool at age eight, a year after my mom went back into the workforce.  Something I’ve hesitated to let my own kids do!!  (I was def more common sense/street smart at their age). 

Entertaining is a big part of my happiness.  We try to have people over as often as we can, and we throw some pretty sick parties!  We are the party house. 

With this love of food, I have a love of working out!  Weight training is a big obsession. You can find me at the gym five days a week..  I am the woman in the free weights area with her resting gym face on! Haha

And well, that is me in a ‘about me’ nutshell!  

Happy reading!



4 thoughts on “About This Blog

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  2. Valeria,
    I too have a daughter with nut allergies, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts especially. She is 6. My father is an immigrant from Pakistan and my entire family travels extensively. We have been asked by my family to join them in Sicily for a vacation this summer. My husband also has a fish allergy. My family is trying to be helpful but they struggle with grasping both the gravity and the intensity of the situation. I’m wondering if you can give me any pointers on feeding my 6 year old in Sicily, or anywhere else you might have traveled. I have always loved to travel and have been too petrified to go with my daughter. I also wonder how challenging this trip might for my husband. My family will be renting a house on a beach. I jokingly (somewhat) said I will pack enough boxes of Annie’s Mac and cheese and feed my girls and husband for a week and my family was aghast. I am also wondering about the medical facilities and responses for these types of allergies. I don’t want to withhold the world and it’s beauty from my girls but want to (sounding morbid now) bring back my children alive.

    • Hi Shehla! Thanks for reading and your comment.
      With both my husband and oldest daughter with food allergies, it has been a major learning curve to travel. Fortunately, the world is becoming ever more educated..but a lot of people still are not. With my oldest allergic to all nuts and my husband sesame products, well, we challenge places that are not aware of allergies all the time.
      Most places will offer to cook in a safer non allergen location in their kitchen, using utensils and cooking equipment that have never been near nuts or sesame. But, some just out right say they cannot do that. So, we don’t eat there.

      My advice traveling abroad…
      – Have cards made translated in the language of the country you are traveling that literally translates to: food allergy. this person cannot eat (list foods) of any kind or they will die.
      I know it sounds harsh, but we did this when my husband and I went to Japan. They took us seriously everywhere. Have many cards made, and laminate them.
      As for Sicily, well, this is a whole different issue as they use those foods everywhere. Did I mention sometimes pistachio in the sauce??
      Though, my sister lives there and has mentioned a lot of people are becoming educated with food allergies… Also, she has mentioned issues regarding people disregarding that food allergies exist too.
      But again my advice is to look online for food allergy boards where people have traveled. Definitely, bring your own food whenever possible because you just cannot take that chance. Whatever your child will eat, take it. Buy pasta of any type! It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks..you have a priority. One of my aunts in Sicily handed my daughter a macaroon right after hearing me explain her allergies.. Uhm, hello? Nuts!! I am just saying you won’t always be dealing with people who understand what it means. Always bring their epi-pen, that note and food for them!
      Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!

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