I Don’t Wanna Work..I Just Wanna Bang On The Clay All Day 🎶

This pun title is a stretch, I know, but it works!! My job has been hectic these past few months, new leadership and my manager has newer (more) responsibilities, and all I want to do is not be there.


Hello WordPress! Hope you are all fairing well and getting ready for Thanksgiving coming up. Can’t believe we are already a week away from the holiday- holy cow!! I have to prepare a ton before Thursday.

So, as you may have noticed, I skipped out posting last week. I had uploaded pictures and such, but had no time to type out a post. I had to facilitate some big wig meetings in town, meaning my personal phone had to stay in my bag each day. 🙄 heh.

So, in the spirit of catching you up …quickly….

Here we go!

Last Saturday- My Dad’s Birthday Dinner

My family got together to celebrate my dad‘s 83rd birthday last Saturday. My parents had us over their house this time so my mom could make all of her special pizzas for the kids-and my dad. My mom’s pizza is legit the legitest. (That sounds like a real word, so). The kids had fun seeing one another and eating Nonna’s pizza. Though their fav part of the celebration is cake!

My dad is 83! It’s crazy to think about my dad being this old. He is the beacon of light in the family, and I love him so much. 💕

RTO-after almost three years! Wompiddity womp. 😣

All I have to say about this is I have to be back in the office a few days a week. I’m not terribly excited about this but here I am. Not to be dramatic, but my life is ruined now. Traffic blows. And blah blah blah.

Back to the office 🙄 -my building to the right.

Winter Session- Class 1

I am so excited to share that I started the winter session of pottery and technically I’m already on day two because yesterday was Monday, but I’m so excited because it’s so different than it was last session. I never complained in my blog about the first session of pottery. I loved the class, but the biggest downside for me was that I was bringing project ideas to class more than the instructor bringing their ideas or being taught a technique to make a piece. Know what I am saying?

So, at last week’s first class, I immediately noticed a difference in how the instructor and assistants set up the class. The introduction on day one gave a better outline and understanding of the class than the Fall session ever did. From talking about projects, to the new way we sign into class, to how the lead instructor now sits in the room with us, at a table, so she’s open to take questions and talk about things. During the Fall session, she wasn’t really present a ton-even though she was in and out, when she was in… she was not there at all. She just seems more present this turn. The overall vibe of the class seems more professional and put together. I wonder if my ladies from last class reviewed her or something because that’s what they consistently shared with me—their disappointment with her.

Anyways. I realize how great class is for someone like me, an eager beaver wanting to absorb everything and have access to potting supplies, equipment, a kiln and people who know clay. So for me it’s a win right now.

During that first class, everyone made pinch pots but I made a drape mold and more ornaments to top gifts. I’m not a huge fan of pinch pots so I grabbed a cone and made a tree shaped tea light and some ornaments. I had no idea how I was going to actually decorate the tree light so I decided to poke some holes into it -of varying shapes at the top and the bottom, leaving a band in the middle solid. It looked really cute. This piece I left behind to dry as the ornaments went to the kiln.

Ugh our oldest daughter hit a deer

Wednesday night was a cluster fuck. Seriously.

I had to be in Boston all day for a big meeting then rush in traffic to pick up the kids from school, then get ready to go to a concert that my husband had bought me tickets for months ago. (Arcade Fire)

The traffic around town is incredibly crazy right now. It feels like there’s so many people on the road and on Wednesday night. I guess I’m glad that they were a ton of people on the road. My husband picked me up at 5 PM to head back down into the city for the concert, but there was a ton of traffic. By the time we made it to a city called Somerville we got a FaceTime call from the girls… at first listen, it sounded like they were fighting with each other. Sisters, you know. But nope. They hit a deer while they were cruising to Starbucks. 😞.

Thankfully they were all right, our oldest was a little shaken up and felt sorry for the deer -who leapt away after the hit, and that was the worst of it. We called the police as we raced back home to assess the situation, get the car towed. The car crumpled like it was supposed to in an accident, and possibly is totaled.

We brought the girls home, left them making cookies and made our way back to town for dinner and the concert (which was an amazing show).

The car is still being looked at for the outcome, meanwhile, we have been shopping for a new car.

Time Warp

It’s November, and Covid is over, so it’s back to our besties Halloween themed birthdays! Woo. This year the theme was Rocky Horror Picture Show and all I have to say is my family, we bring the party. We all dressed up as a character of the movie and lit up the house with fun. ESPECIALLY my husband. Holy shit his costume ended up coming out perfect!!

Pottery class last night

Last night was my second pottery class AND I HAD DONE SO MUCH!!

First, I re-poked the holes and sanded down my tree tea light, which was bone dry and left it for firing. Then I joined the class to make a …MUG! I wanted to try this again with the newer instruction and guess what? Their instructions made more sense and I took my time … I MADE A NEW CUTE MUG!! I left it there to fire so I will work on both things next week. Oh and the ornaments I forgot about from last week 😂.

Before fixing the bottom (it’s upside down).

Yay! I made a real mug!

Well, I guess I failed at keeping this update short. Haha sorry! This week is going to be a quieter one (I hope). All my plans revolve around prepping for Thanksgiving Day and going to the third pottery class. That is it!

Thanks for stopping by, guys! As always, I appreciate you taking the time to catch up with me.

till next post! xoxo

7 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Work..I Just Wanna Bang On The Clay All Day 🎶

  1. Wow, Valeria! Your family has been so busy, how do you keep pace? Great photos! I totally understand your frustration with the traffic, it’s everywhere today but you guys have to deal with the snow too, no thanks! I’m so sorry about the girls hitting a deer, glad that they are okay. I hit a deer in Michigan in 1996 and wiped out the front of my pickup but it was repairable. I hope your week is slower than the last week’s! Be safe. ☺️

    1. We live in a heavily deer inhabited environment- along reservations and state forests. At dusk they start adventuring out into the streets, it’s dangerous.
      I like being busy but lately it’s ridiculous- i need some time off. Hah.

      And snow.. these past few years we have had a decrease in snow, so let’s cross our fingers (all of them) it continues to decline!

      1. My Michigan residence was so full of deer! It was scary driving day or night in certain areas like swamps or thick scrub areas. Move down here, the snow stays in the mountains where it belongs, Valeria! 👍🏻🌞🌴

      2. Really? That’s crazy!
        Things are whacky- I wish it would make up its mind around here, it was 77F with blazing sunshine last week, 44F and frigid this week.

      3. Yes indeed, that storm spun northeast and hit Michigan’s upper peninsula, and dumped several inches way up there. My dad told me that they got zero snow from that system in my Michigan hometown down-state. I’ll be up there in early December for our family Christmas! ❤️☺️

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