My puns are out of control. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Hey hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!

I know it’s gray and rainy up here in Massachusetts, but boy, what a beautiful day! My family left this morning without waking me up, which is a huge miracle. I needed to sleep. Logged into work with a minute to spare… And I feel great.

I have been running at full tilt all Fall with work (mamma mia 😠 work!), the girls’ after school stuff and social lives; I guess it finally caught up. Rowing has really changed the dynamic in the house. It is a big commitment; five days a week -sometimes seven, depending on regattas and stuff. With all this change, I have had to rearrange life around- like moving birthday celebrations from September to October 😂 .

Which is fine -I just had to throw three big, themed parties in the matter of seven days. 😳

My life, guys. It’s all or nothing here!

Here are a few pic updates from these past two weeks! And… after this snapshot, I promise, we will talk about pottery!

Last Saturday- Our youngest wanted a Vampire Diaries themed birthday party with her friends. I have only watched the show in passing, not my style of show, but I gave it my best shot last minute! Voila .. gore and fun 🤷🏻‍♀️.

This Saturday night was our oldest daughter’s gathering – a spooky night theme. In the end my yard was filled with a dozen trendy teens blaring indie music. Which was just how I like my nights!

Then this Sunday we threw their family birthday party. The weather didn’t cooperate so we threw it inside. Since my house was already decorated for Halloween, it was easy to match. 😊 spooky themes all around!

I had forgotten to update everyone last week on my life -sorry. 😂 I had a great pottery class, last week, and I did officially sign up for the winter session – my girlfriend did not, boo-hoo, but I’m OK with that. I actually like going on my own because it’s mine, my time. I’ve made some nice friends so far, some who will be in the next session.

Last night’s class was by far the best class for me. Everyone just seemed more relaxed and we talked way way more, and I don’t know, it just had such a better feel. Learned one of my classmates is also from my hometown, so we talked and talked …a lot.

I was able to speak to the instructor about my plans for the next session. I don’t know if anyone recalls but, I had wanted to explore throwing on the wheel more and trying more types of clay work and hand building techniques, possibly try different types of projects. You know, to get myself acclimated to the art-form more, take advantage of the supplies and equipment, and such. She was really receptive to that idea and actually asked if I had some cool project ideas to bring them to her, so everyone can make something new in some classes.

Yay!! Influencer over here! 😜

Anyways. A recap. When I last talked to you guys about my class, I had left behind things to fire… 4 ornaments, my peacock plate, and then the soap/sponge drain dish left to dry. Last week, I left the soap drain to fire, glazed the ornaments and plate, which were left ready for the kiln, too.

Last night I glazed the soap drain dish. I had brought a swatch of fabric from when I had made the curtains in my kitchen, for color reference. I hope that the glazes I mixed come out right in the firing to match. Even if they don’t, I’ll still be super happy but I just really, really, really, really hope that it comes out right!

I also did extra work on my peacock plate. It came out of the kiln super cute, but it just was missing something. so I decided to add some more glaze, make a patterned decorative trim. We’ll see how it comes out. This is all practice run type of stuff for me because I have no clue what some glaze should look or how work will turn out.

During class the instructor opened up Monday, Halloween, for an extra session. I am not going, so last night was my last pottery class for Fall. 😞

But I’ll be back in class on November 7, for Winter so yay! I’ll get to pick up everything on that first class. Yipeeeee! 🤞🏻

Oh wow, this post was way longer than I had planned! Sorry, guys!

I will try my best to post next Tuesday. We have a big Halloween bash planned here on Friday night (yes, another one!). Idk how I got wrangled into another night of partying but that’s me. Then the next day we go out for our last regatta- in Saratoga. Yeah crazy, right? It’ll be great fun for all as our youngest gets to be with her friends on their last race- and we plan to see our good friends while we are away. Hehe

Ok guys,. Sending love and light to all of you and thank you for reading along. Your support is always appreciated, more than I can ever express.

till next post xoxo

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