Much Needed W&R… 🤪Wrist & Relaxation

I can’t stop the puns.

Hey WordPress Gang!

Happy end of April. How we got here I don’t know, because I swear it’s still February. (Can the days stop passing by so quickly, pls?)

So I am here! Still with a broken arm, but I am happy, rested and exhausted all at the same time. 😉 Got back late last night from a lil (April) vacation fun and spent today cleaning and doing laundry the best I was able.

I have to admit that traveling with this broken wrist was better than I thought. The actual getting around was great only because of my wonderful, and super helpful, family. Every step of the trip they went above and beyond to support me. And strangers were so kind and gracious to help me, too, when I was separated from my family. Which, for me, receiving all of the effort restored a lot of faith back into humanity. (And also solidified my beliefs in Karma. I try to find ways to be kind and helpful to people around me, putting good Karma into the Universe.)

Wait, what should I call my wrist right now anyways? Broken? I mean, it was broken then I had surgery to fix it. Though I can’t use my wrist with it healing- it’s stiff and painful, and I am under strict orders to not use it. Sooo it’s technically not broken anymore, right? 🤔 I keep saying it’s broken cuz it’s in the cast/splint and it’s easier to say than explaining surgery.

Anyways. Broken or fixed, this experience still sucks. 😂 Personally, during some parts of the trip my wrist cooperated and felt like nothing, thennnnnnn other times the pain was intense. But overall, I had a great time away and was able to participate in 95% of the activities. Which is actually pretty great. Plus, I have a swell splint tan on my right arm to show off.

Hey! I didn’t mention where we went. Let me get you looped in on why we went where we went first…

So. In 2020, right before Covid19 shut us down, we had this fun, big, two week April Vacation road trip booked with friends (kicker was, it was a surprise for all of our kids). We planned ‘to bump into’ our besties at the airport then hop on a flight to Vegas then road trip around to some National Parks, and, then drive to California to end our road trip; Disneyland and then LA. We got personalized shirts and everything… But, we had to cancel it. We changed around our plans to have a super fun friends’ road trip in April (2021) instead. Except, down the East Coast, since we didn’t want to fly during the waves of Covid19 and traveling on our own felt like a better option. It worked out smashingly well.

But my husband still had the original Southwest trip lingering in his mind. With our friends taking an European trip next month, we decided to go ahead with an abridged version of the SW trip as a family. Leaving us the option to use those t-shirts with our friends another time!

So we spent nine days away, five days to enjoy Summer-like weather in Las Vegas and four days in Springdale, Utah, to hike in Zion National Park and, Bryce Canyon.

Aside from this wrist, the trip was amazingly fun. And I will tell you all about it soon. I just wanted to let y’all know I was back and that my wrist is still attached. 😂

I will set up my blog posts about the trip over the next handful of days as I am not working this week. I’ll be combining days together in a post vs day-to-day updates. Bringing this trip update to 2-3 posts rather than 9 posts. My hand and arm get fatigued after using it all day, so I try to type the least amount possible. I use a combo of talk2text and peck type at the keyboard to fix the way the computer translates my Boston accent. 🤦🏻‍♀️ oh brother.

That’s all for now, it’s late now. I will update as soon as I can. Tomorrow I have my second PT appointment, which I am super excited to talk to the therapist.

As always, thank you so much for reading along, guys. It’s appreciated more than you know.

till next post! xoxo

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