👂🏻🥁 Surgery is booked!

Welp, guys, I saw the Otolaryngologist this morning (the ear specialist) and surgery has been booked! We are looking at the second week in November.

Click on this link to catch up on my hearing issues.

I’m feeling both excited and nervous though. The conversation on what to expect that I had with the doctor was a tad different versus the breezier conversation we had last month. To highlight, I still have the hole in my ear drum, and, that weird skin is still around my ear drum’s three bones (the surgeries are called tympanoplasty, and, cholesteatoma).

But. Like. After she inspected my ear this time, she no longer thought she could operate through the inner ear canal. 😩 Though she has to make that call when she begins the operation. So I am hopeful she still can go that route. If not, she will have to operate by cutting me behind the ear. She also explained that the entire ear drum was corrupt and needs to be replaced, which sounds extensive. With that, she may have to graft skin from my scalp behind my ear to rebuild it, instead of where she described to me before; the cartilage area of my ear.

Ugh. But oh well.

She also described what recuperating post-op will look like. It’s a day surgery, so about two hours under anesthesia, and I will go home with my ear packed with antibiotics that will dissipate on their own. And if surgery is through the back of my ear, then there will be a cup attached to apply pressure. The stitches behind the ear should dissolve too. The recovery will be four weeks total, the first two weeks should be without strenuous activities like working out, running, etc.

And… unfortunately, she also explained the percentages of risk with this surgery. Like losing hearing completely or even losing taste bud nerves! Oh brother! The risk is low but it’s still a risk.

Ok, so I won’t have much more to talk about on this surgery until I see the doctor again for my pre-op appointment in November. I will loop you all back in after that discussion.

Wish me luck till then! 🍀

Thank you for stopping by to catch up with me here. I really appreciate it!

Till next post! xoxo

I’m just a goofy mess. But a happy goofy mess!

4 thoughts on “👂🏻🥁 Surgery is booked!

  1. Wow, Valeria, I’d be a bit fearful too. I hope the doctor can perform the surgery without cutting behind your ear. I had no idea that the eardrum can be replaced. I’m you will be fine, these people are professionals. ☺️

  2. As someone who is partially deaf, its worth the risk to have the surgery. Not being able to hear completely is aggravating to both myself and others. Luckily, I was born with my hearing loss so I was able to learn to read lips, so that helps some what but I still struggle. With the masks on, I cant hear anything, someone has to be with me to relay what the other person is saying. Of there was a surgery, I would take it if I could. Unfortunately, for me there isnt. Good luck! Hope everything goes well!

    1. I never knew you had hearing impacts, Stephanie. I can’t imagine how hard communicatinfg during covid has been. That’s something i often wonder about. For those who don’t sign, it must be a nightmare. Thank you for sharing that w me.

      And thank you for the well wishes. 💕

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