Sewing is Cheaper Than Therapy 🧵

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! Time opened up for me to post right now. I know how happy this must make you. 😆

On the handsewing front, I had a little time to embroider these two things. I really liked sewing the woman fixing her shoe. Her dress pattern with the contrast of her shoe color and her handbag; I just like how she came out overall. So chic.

Learning how to stitch is a great creative outlet and good for the soul. I am still learning so much -the needlework techniques, all the good textiles, and about myself. Sitting down with my big box of floss and needles makes me feel good. It sounds weird for me to say that, but it’s true. There’s a satisfying feel that washes over me when I see my stitch work make some sense in the hoop. Sometimes it’s crude. Sometimes it’s refined. I guess it’s how I am feeling in the moment. There is something about how complicated yet simple this craft is that makes me want to keep pushing myself to learn more. It just makes me 😊 happy.

So my hearing… as of my last post, I booked the MRI for the end of April. This MRI should read all the areas of my head so they can determine what is going on with my inner ears. I’ve never had a MRI before; and Idk if I am claustrophobic or not, but we will soon find out. 😆

This is all crazy. I wasn’t figuring my muffled hearing was going to be anything more than an effect from sinus issues (like clogged ears or something). Eh. Don’t get me wrong, to learn this and that there are doctors able to help is great, but that the issue is something other than a clogged ear … well, thats sucks.

This is life, right?

So, guys, I am not sure how much I will be able to post over the next couple of weeks, yes I know I said this last week but because of my work and real life schedules time may not work out in my favor. Then I will be going away at the end of next week. (YEEE🤗EEEE). ….But, maybe I will have time on Monday. I have a scratch test set up, my first allergy test, and that appointment is supposed to be something like an hour and a half long. Which I believe will involve me mostly waiting around the exam room for the scratches to swell up. The best part is that I will get my allergen answers at that appointment! I have always wanted to know what I am actually allergic to.

🍀 Wish me luck!!

Ok I gotta scoot. Thank you for reading along. I always appreciate the support, guys! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Sewing is Cheaper Than Therapy 🧵

  1. Hi Valeria, your stitching looks great, nice work. ❤️ Good luck with the MRI, I’ve had those several times, and being stuffed into that tight space is difficult. I find that it helps to close my eyes and think of something I like to do. Some of them have had music piped in which is nice too. Be safe, be well! 🌴

    1. Thank you, John! 🪡
      Hope they have music playing but closing my eyes is great advice! Maybe that will make it fly too.
      Just gotta swallow whatever fear there is to get it done.
      You too! Keep safe and healthy. 💕

      1. That’s like many things in your health care, you have to be like a snowplow and push through. ❤️

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