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Christmas 2017

May your days be merry and bright

And may all your Christmases be white.”

Greetings from a winter wonderland up in Massachusetts!

This Monday we were given a ‘White Christmas’ like those from the movies. We had quite the snowy view out each window as we opened presents by our tree, but as soon as afternoon hit the snow fell softly and the sun immediately shined through the grey skies. It was beautiful. (For the children really, as we adults had to clean that mess up as soon as it ended. Well, my husband had to. Haha)

What a wonderful Christmas this year! We celebrated all weekend with those important to us; from Friday night hosting friends to Saturday night partying to Sunday night at my sister in law’s to Monday together with my family at my sister’s. I hope this is a glimmer of what 2018 will hold for us. Lots of good memories with beautiful people (and amazing gifts haha).

Speaking of gifts!! What an awesome Christmas of giving and sharing this year. I’m a big supporter/advocate of  St. Jude all year round, but those feelings of wanting to do more for those that need it hits me hardest this time of year, and hope you all gave some time or donations too. If not, please look inside yourself to give to a worthy cause; honestly, it doesn’t take much and there are so many who can use your help so the list is long. (And it is a good feeling to do something for someone who needs that help. Between donating time, toys, clothing/housewares or money, giving to a charity can be done in so many ways.)

Outside of philanthropy, I gave some pretty rad gifts this year if I do say so myself. It was so great to see the faces of all my family, especially of my nieces, nephews and godchildren, happy with the gifts their ‘awesome aunt’ gave (you bet your butt I am the awesome one!!). But of course, the best part of talking about all of this is because I can finally talk freely about the girls’ big gift of Christmas and our next planned getaway… A TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD!!! I think I am more excited that I can finally say the word Disney at home without feeling like I am giving clues away, cuz that word comes out of my mouth every day practically.

Ok so the big reveal was fun. After the kids opened their gifts I had them go on a small scavenger hunt to find our Elf on the Shelf. Who didn’t make an appearance all season. Under the tree the kids found a hidden tube of sunscreen with a card attached. The card was from our ‘elf’, which was a hello and a rhyme clue to find her.

Lots of Christmas cheer, but it’s getting hot in here.”

(I didn’t say I was a poet)

As the kids ran everywhere to find her, I quietly grabbed all the Disney themed presents then placed them under the tree.(didya figure out she was in the oven?) That clue led to our Elf holding a big envelope that directed them to the tree to read it (and to find more gifts). It was super fun and they were beyond surprised. Our oldest daughter cried for like an hour over it all. (I got video of them opening the letter, and it is so funny and sweet. I’ll post it later on IG.)

As for receiving gifts… well, I got so many nice gifts; my husband always spoils me from the gift-wrap (Snow White theme this year) to each gift.  Also got spoiled from my parents, sister and my girls, which was super nice. My kids are really thoughtful and in tune with their Mom.  God really did give me a special gift with these two girls in my life.  I am very lucky. 🙂

Here are a few pics of the weekend:


And now, we are here.

Our last official week of 2017. Crazy how fa… (No no, I’m not even going to say my catchphrase from the year). Ahem. So ok, where was I? Oh yeah. Ok …as we are celebrating our last week of 2017, I wish you all a peaceful Christmas week, wrapping up with lots of love, laughter and memories…. And hopefully a slower feeling of 2018 passing than usual. Haha.


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2017- Christmastime in NYC

Hey Everyone!

Christmas and New Year’s are just days away!  Yay!!  Hey my page has snow again…I love when they do this on wordpress.  :))))))))))

You know what I am about to say, where has this year gone? This has been the fastest year of my life.  I swear we just celebrated Christmas a few months ago, not a year ago! Is this what people mean by “time flies when you are having fun” or is this how fast life really goes?  Because I can remember being a kid and life was so slooooow and boring at times that time never sped up.  <– where’d that go? haha

Ok, here I am on December 21, the house has been decorated since Thanksgiving weekend, which makes me happy, and I have to wrap a few more things before the weekend starts tomorrow.  This weekend is packed with parties and family dinners and gift exchanges, which is always a good time.  I love presents. Not just for myself, but seeing the gifts being opened is always fun.   My kids are going to literally die when they open their gifts Monday morning, I cannot WAIT!  (I’d share with you what they’re getting but my oldest reads my blog

Also, Hi Ava, I will not spoil the surprises because I love you. 

Speaking of how awesome we are as parents, we surprised the kids this weekend with a weekend in Manhattan! We kept the secret!!   I have been going to NY since I was born, Manhattan since I was a teen and we have been going to NYC for my birthday since my husband graduated college, and started taking the kids with us a few years ago.  They, similar to me, love going on trips, so they were beyond excited (after the shock and sadness of no school set it-yes my oldest was sad to miss school..  not my kid hahah) !  We had such a great time, lucked out with the weather, and like our last trip, we hit some spots with them that we used to frequent before they were born. It was really great to share these experiences with them, and I hope to continue adding on to their adventures in NYC.  Though, maybe next time we can go not on my birthday weekend but in the Spring or early Fall, because I really hate the colder weather!!

Ok well, I have to jet because I’m technically working…   hahaha.


Happy almost Christmas!