Yah! It’s Friday!

Hey Everyone! It’s Friday.  We made it!  And did you know it was Fall?  Just in case you missed all the pumpkin spice drinks and candies everyone has been posting about. It’s depressing isn’t it?  Everything changed in an instant this week, and this girl is not so thrilled.  I need my 75-85 degree temps, warm … More Yah! It’s Friday!

A Circus Birthday!

Circus Birthday!! Well, after months of planning and crafting, the day has finally come and gone! As with all the parties I throw these two, I plan them for months, getting every detail right and craft for weeks.  This year was a blast because it was a free spirited theme, though chaotic, too. Which means … More A Circus Birthday!

Ringmaster Valeria

Hey everyone! The girls are officially in the swing of back to school.  It has been a little hard for ME to adjust  hah.  Since day one we have been involved in getting them back acclimated to a better sleep schedule, homework and school activities. Ooof! Homework!  I don’t even know why this is still … More Ringmaster Valeria