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Life is Good..

Hey Everyone!

I have been trying to relish all the remaining parts of Summer that are left, and trying to get my kids ready for back to school..which is Wednesday officially!  YAY..I mean, aww, I will miss them home all the time.  😛

Well, sooooOOooOOoo much has happened since my last post.  Let’s see…

-We went to the Cape for another vacation, for 6 days, which was super amazing.  We had a great experience again this time around and we enjoyed every second of it.  And..I got a tan!  YES! me!

 I still have it, too! (this is a big deal, as I reflect the sun normally)

– Finally, I put a date together for my girls’ big birthday bash.  I am so happy, and mentioning it again, that my oldest daughter decided to give a joint birthday one more year. YAY!!  My girls have the same birth month, and have been throwing a huge 50 person bash since my oldest turned 4, and they have enjoyed it since.  Last year I suggested, begrudgingly because I love the big fantasy of it all, that the party volume get turned down so they can invite more school friends, like everyone else, and get into the swing of smaller parties, and they agreed.  For a week. haha  My oldest is turning ten this year (double digits!!), her sister eight, and I think she felt like a big bash was appropriate for this big double-digit event.  I feel that way all the time, so, I am excited!!  Their theme this year is Circus.  My husband helped me create such fun invitations, and I hope I can pull this off the way I view it in my mind. Lots of fun food, very colorful decorations, lots of kids and games!  Wish me luck and I will post about it at the end of next month (if it comes out right haha).

– This is a bummer, but way awesome nonetheless.  My husband got to meet John Lasseter.  I know, super awesome, but this has nothing really to do with me, but I am still sooooo jealous.  John Lasseter is one of those people I have been dying to meet, and of course this gift fell onto my husband’s lap.  Well, it actually happened for reason, not just because.  He did design the first Pixar based science exhibit and John Lasseter was there to see it.  So my husband and his lead graphic designer took John Lasseter on a two-hour tour of the space.  Needless to say, he loved it, which must’ve felt amazing for my husband to hear and to see happening before his eyes.  He got to take a few pictures with him, and John Lasseter drew Buzz Lightyear and signed an exhibit themed folder for the family (which made my night when I saw it!).

– We officially booked one of our 2016 vacations, which I am so super stoked, over the moon about! Seriously, I am so giddy over this trip I can’t stop talking about it. Did I ever mention I love being away? hah Something about not working is intriguing :). So …A short blurb about this; I have friends from Australia, who are taking a special birthday based trip to the States, and we will be joining them for about 12 days of it.  But, I will fill in these details the closer we get to that timeframe.  I am so excited!

– What else? Well. Yankee Candle had their big Halloween preview event this weekend.  IF you don’t know me by now, uhm, I have a major obsession with Halloween …and Day of the Dead, and skulls; and I adore the YC Boney Bunch candle holders.  I started collecting them in 2007, with my older sister, and we have made a fun shopping morning out of it every year since.

I like the fun, not spooky, part of the holiday.  I am not sure why, or where it stems from, but I dress up every year in some fun get up…

 (party or not!!!) and make a big production of it starting September 1, by decorating my house inside.  Which is also my wedding anniversary! 🙂 ❤ ❤

-Ahh, our wedding anniversary.  I cannot believe we have been married for 14 years! Where has the time gone really?!?!!?  Who are these people, and where have they gone?


9/1/2001: (Ooof that hair.  I really wanted to look like Catherine Zeta-Jones 😐 )

8/30/2015:   (And, look at my tan!! hah)


– Oh, the gym!  Yes, I am still hitting the gym harder than ever. My schedule has been kooky with the kids out of Summer camp and heading into school, so I had worked out a handful of days at home this month, but oddly, I find myself pushing myself more for some reason when I workout at home.  I am not even close to using the same weight size as I do when I am at the gym…but I get the burn more.  Idk. It’s all good I guess!  My scale is at a halt, but with vacation and having company over a whole lot, I didn’t expect much more.  One week I am down, the next one I am back up to the same spot.  I have to get my head back into the eating clean game.

And. I hope this motivation doesn’t fall flat, because I am loving the feeling of being strong so much!  It’s been such a fun journey and I have so much further to go!  And I still appreciate all the wonderful motivation and support from my family and all my fitness enthused friends.


Well, I am hoping with my world coming back to the center this coming month, I can focus on posting here more often, like every Friday..  I’d like to start sharing my fitness results like I planned in Spring on top of my other kookiness.  I really want to push myself to share these private parts of me, because I find my vulnerable side harder to express and I like that challenge.

Well.  Hope you guys have had a great month!  Talk to you all real soon!


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Picnic in the Park..But First

A fitness update!

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!

Well, I wanted to talk about.. my scale.  It’s been two hard kick-ass weeks straight that my scale has finally given in to our friendship, and I am extremely happy to finally breathe a sigh of fitness related relief; our friendship is that I stand on him and he tells me I am lighter.. and sometimes he says I am pretty..ok not really, but I need that type o’scale!

So, MY scale, my new bff, made me very happy this morning after these two long weeks, because for the first time since I started this fitness adventure my number has shot down 4lbs.  YES! I FINALLY BROKE THE BARRIER!

I have been seeing so many physical changes, that have been giving me such a high, and my mind is clear and I am even happier than normal (if you can believe it!), except the number on the scale wasn’t changing.  This was secretly bothering me.. And I want to say thank you to all my friends, who were cheering me on, listening to me complain, but ignoring me by telling me to stop weighing myself incessantly every morning and be happy with the physical changes, because things were happening.  So I did listen.  I did stop, and a few weeks ago I opted to just weigh in once a week on Fridays.  And, the funny thing is, this psychology has seemed to work.  haha

I am so so happy about these results that I can’t shake the smile off my face!!

Today's selfie..4 lbs lighter and a whole lot of inches smaller!
Today’s selfie..4 lbs lighter and a whole lot of inches smaller!

Ok so about the Red Sox event last Sunday.

Sunday we went to the Red Sox Foundation’s event, Picnic in the Park.  If you haven’t gone, can afford to go, I highly HIGHLY recommend it.  We only got to go because my husband works for the Red Sox and Fenway Park, so he was able to get us in to this event.

So, Picnic in the Park is an annual fundraising event hosted by the players and their wives, and it benefits two of their charitable programs…the Red Sox Scholars and the Red Sox RBI programs.  This event was a lot of fun.  As you walked in you were given a bag with a blanket and other stuff, then you were faced with all the tables of the Red Sox to sign autographs for an hour. Then there was an on-site BBQ with snacks, ice cream, and drinks.  Then The Boston Pops Jazz band played after the live auction, which was also online if you wanted to participate without going to the event.  Then they had face painting, caricatures, photo ops with the trophies if you were the last people in Boston to get a chance to myself hhahaa.  It was a real fun event and I am thankful I was able to go and to see my kids light up being out on the field playing frisbee and meeting all these famous players they hear us talking about.

It was real fun. 

Here are a slew of pics I had taken.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!