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Feeling Great and Needing to Share!

Hello WordPressland!

Man, oh, man!  How amazing is it going for you all right now!?   Pretty awesome, right?

Yes, I know, not everyone is on a rad high like me, but I am hoping it is infectious!  I have had such a great couple of weeks that I can’t hold it in.

Just spent my lunch break at the gym.  Today is abs, obliques, and biceps day. My second fav day!  My first being Monday.  (Yes! MONDAY! Back at it after a weekend off is the best feeling to make the week!)  I have been having a real blast with my fitness routine for some time now and it’s paying off.

Not just physical, but mental, too. Something I wasn’t expecting.

You guys know that I started a fitness routine this year, around April officially, after all the bouts with strep throat and the flu running through my body, I never gave up with my motivation to  just start back.  I started though at a snail’s pace; going 3-4 days, but taking it real easy with weights.  Then about two and a half months ago, I felt ready to take the step into the world of weight training again and headed over the other side of the gym to do some real specific training.  It was amazing how my body started to change, and that visual gratification of seeing muscles happening felt so great.  But I was still taking it easy, not really pushing myself.   Then about four weeks ago, I started to really push myself.  I am hitting the gym at least 5 days a week, working myself into a sweating mess.

This is not like me, as I never sweat.  haha

A lot of changes have been happening.  But most of all is my overall happiness with my body.  While on vacation last week, which was when the feeling of liking my body really sunk in the most, I decided to bring my favorite electric blue bikini.  A bathing suit I adored 5 yrs ago when I was feeling the best about myself.   I am quite the bathing suit fiend, so my collection is huge, but that blue bikini had been sitting in my drawer, sadly waiting to make its re debut.  So. Before going on vacation, I quickly tried it on to see how it fit again, and I thought to bring it, as I could wear a tank over it or whatever to hide my trouble spots.

YUP, I wore it! On about day three or four. I didn’t hide behind anything, or anyone and just wore it.  Believe it or not..No one gasped at my body or me, no one gawked and to be totally honest, I got checked out a lot!!  hah  Nice surprise there. But.  As I sat there on the beach, in my blue bikini, looking at other people, namely woman, thinking, ‘hey, that lady isn’t perfect. Neither is she. That one has chubby thighs, over there is cellulite, and that one has belly stretch marks, too. So, we arent that different, other than I am a different body type, if even that.’

It just felt like this relief of not needing to compete.  I don’t know how or where this all came from but, seeing these normal imperfections on those women made me feel real good cause it wasn’t about them being prettier than me or whatever I used to feel, but it was about me feeling good about my body and what I have worked so hard to achieve.

I am beautiful, too, dammit!

This all changed my perspective.  I’m so happy about this. I wish I could convey my feeling better.  But like I said, I am in no way perfect, maybe in my husband’s and childrens’ eyes, but I am not.  No one is.  We all have trouble spots or little nooks n crannies on our bodies we avoid looking at, but know all too well that they are there. But you can change them and you can change how you see them.

I am changing.  I see things flattening out, diminishing, and I feel like I glow.

I never thought that I would be this person talking to you right now with great changes in my mind and my body just in a few months.  No way.  I thought I would’ve quit by now with how sick I was when I started and with how slow I began the process. YES, even with all my motivating posts or whatever, I just know me. Giving up is easy.  Being lazy is easier than trying.  But I haven’t thought to give up at all.

Not one time.  <– That is major.

My mind has been on this high of feeling great, every day!

So, I hope you are all infected with the joy I am feeling.  It really does feel good to look at yourself, even with critiquing eyes, but not to the point of hurting yourself.  There are enough losers in this world doing that, we don’t need more.  🙂

Till next time, loves!


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Day 5 and the last day- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 5 at the Blue Water Resort

We decided to be beach bums all day. So..That is what we did!

We spent the entire day right after breakfast on the beach chilling out. The weather was perfect and the water was warm.  A real special family day.

Then at night we got dolled up to go out for pizza in Harwich then to our second fav ice cream spot in Dennisport, Sundae School.  Their whip cream is insanely good. Their ice cream is too, but man, have ever had whipped cream that just makes you whimper?  Yup..orgasmic.. this is the place.

The best part of our visit this time was that they have dedicated a freezer to just allergy no more waiting ten minutes for my daughter’s nut free sundae.  She got to choose the flavor from the special board, and she walked to the table, before my husband, with her ice cream.  That is extremely awesome because that has been her biggest complaint going there.

We headed back to the resort and walked the beach a while.  It was a great way to end the day…and our last full day away.

Day 6 (last day) at the Blue Water Resort

Our official last day was spent hanging out enjoying the beautiful beach, as the girls were in Kids Klub.  They were there till mid-morning, when we then grabbed a late breakfast together and then packed up the room.



It was a great family vacation. We really enjoyed the relaxing between all the fun.  Each one of us talked about how much fun we had this go around, and that made me feel real good.  Nothing was rushed, and that was key.  We didn’t overload ourselves with running around, yet we did everything, and then some, that we wanted.


for me…

I loved being with my family, savoring all the sights, smiles and laughs, but, I loved the quiet of the beach the most.  Early in the morning or real late at night. When all you hear are the sounds of the rushing surf.  All you see is sunshine or moonshine reflecting off the water.  And, you feel the breezes caress you and that luscious sand beneath your feet.  

Like you are the only one feeling what you see.

For it’s in these quiet moments I think the most about my life.   It’s when I can be vulnerable to reflect at all that I am, all that I have done and all I want to do.  Centering myself.  I like my time away from it all.

…and I thank God I am able to.


Well, that is all I have on our week away.   After a very relaxing week and weekend, it is Sunday night as I am writing, we are back to work and real life. . Which I was pumped about..I’ve missed the gym!!  YES! Me, I missed the gym insanely bad!  Even though I brought free weights and my resistance bands away, it wasn’t the same.  Though it was cute watching my girls try their hand at doing bith type of wood choppers with 5lb weights.  They’re so cute. 

Hope you are having a great week!!



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Day 4- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 4 at the Blue Water Resort

We had a busy day!  We started off by taking the girls to Kids Klub for an hour.  They love love loooove this activity..the kids get to be on their own with the resort’s counselors for outdoor play, crafts, swimming, and etc.  It starts at 9:30AM-1:00PM.  They were in there, so we took off for coffee and a drive around the area to check out the local public beach spots.  I love doing this stuff, getting in the car to basically get lost finding hidden gems.  I stumbled upon this beautiful neighborhood overlooking the ocean where there were about 20 sailboats (like a sailing school). The view was just gorgeous.  Then we headed back to the resort, grabbed the girls for a late breakfast. Then after an hour of pleading from the girls, we took them mini golfing!

We went to Skull Island mini golf, which was new to us. We have driven by this place a lot of times, and they’ve always wanted to go.  It was a lot of fun and real pretty actually. It was super hot out, so to then cool off we hit our fav ice cream spot, Cape Cod Creamery..too good. My oldest had her favorite Tisbury Twix, my youngest had a soft serve swirl. My husband had a scoop of Monomoy Mud Pie and a scoop of dulce de leche (I can’t remember the town it’s named after!).  I had the special flavor, Dennisport Double Chocolate with chocolate chips and cinnamon…yum like Mexican chocolate. Another fav of mine.

After our fun afternoon, we took off to Chatham.  Another funny surprise is that we just drive into Chatham and see our friends’ grandparents walking their children!  They were staying in Chatham for their week off…which we knew about, but didn’t think we’d actually bump into them.  So after that, we walked around the center of town.  We shopped, I scored a cute new beach bag and two nautical themed hooks.  We had a great dinner, then trekked up to the local lighthouse for some amazing beach views..then scurried back to the Red Jacket Beach Resort for a late night bonfire and s’mores.

It was a great day!

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Day 3- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 3 at the Blue Water Resort

So, our third day was a lot of fun.  My oldest daughter is a real fun kid, and she wanted to do this last year, but we just weren’t sure she was old enough..but she went this time… what am I talking about?  Well…My husband took her PARASAILING!  ..I couldn’t believe she did it, and I am so proud of her for being so fun and brave.  She surprises me all the time, and let me tell you how much her 180 personality from mine makes me happy.  Real happy.  I love that part about her the most..she is adventurous!

They both had a great flight experience with this company; they were right at the Red Jacket Beach Resort.  It can take out up to 6 people a trip, giving each or a pair of people ten minutes in flight and an option to get dipped into the water, about waist high.  I luckily got to the beach area right when they went up into the sky.  I was so happy..and sad at the same time.. sad cause I wasn’t able to get on the boat to be right there for her.  The plan was if the boat wasn’t full we would pay for myself and youngest to get on board to take pics and support her.  Well, they sold out. I know.  She was with her father, but I was just disappointed to miss out on that with her.  I did promise her next time I was going with her.. uhm, we shall see.  haha

Then after parasailing, we hung out at the pool over at the Red Jacket Resort till it was time to get ready for dinner.  We ended up going to The Skipper, which is slowly turning into another favorite spot of mine to eat and chill out at in the area.  They have a rooftop deck overlooking the beach, which is amazing at sunset.  Their food is super fresh and their cocktails are always fun.  So what’s not to like?


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Day 2- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 2 at the Blue Water Resort

This was our first time staying at the Blue Water resort.


After breakfast we moved from the Beach Resort over to the Blue Water Resort.  We had never stayed there, and figured it was worth the try.  I LOVED IT.  We had a great big room with an ocean view and a huge deck.  It was close to the pool; it was on the side closest to the resort next door and had all the amenities of the other resort, plus we got to use the neighboring resort, as well.  Who could ask for anything more!?

We started off our time there actually at the neighboring Riviera Resort’s pool. My kids just think it’s cooler than the Blue Water one cause it has a cute water feature, mini lazy river and it’s no deeper than 5ft in the deep end.  They are great swimmers, but they like horsing around playing tag or whatever, and 10ft deep water can get in the way of that.  hah  Then after hitting up the pool for an hour, we trekked down to the beach in front of the Blue Water for some good ol’fashioned my kinda relaxin’.

Just the sun, sand and ocean on the agenda.

Then we ended our night at my favorite spot in Dennis..the Summer Shanty.  It’s an off the beaten track place, where you can start by lounging on the lawn chairs drinking and watching the sunset then end up on the deck for a fun dinner.  I can’t go to this area without a visit.  I just love everything about the locals, the view and the feel.and thankfully, we are back in August!

I really love being away, and you can tell how happy I am when I am by the shoreline.  I think I may need to move.

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Day 1-Saturday- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 1 at the Red Jacket Beach Resort

This was our 3rd time staying at the Red Jacket Beach Resort.

We had a really great vacation this time around.  It was relaxing from the second we left our house Friday night till we got home Thursday afternoon.

Our first two nights were spent at the Red Jacket Beach Resort, the first night we arrived super late, like around midnight, so it was just to sleep so we could wake up bright and early to spend as much time on the water as possible. We love going to the Beach Resort because it is large and they have so many fun things to do, aside from being on a gorgeous private beach.  This resort is the largest of the three resorts along this stretch of beach-there’s the Riviera Resort, Blue Rock Resort, and Blue Water Resort, then the Green Harbor Resort is five minutes North (I have never been there, but my husband has).  I absolutely love this Beach Resort location..always have, always will.  Even in April.  It’s just set up perfectly upon the beach, and every view is breathtaking, taking you away from reality. And idk about you, but I need that whenever I get away. And I love the beach, but I also love having the option to be at the pool, for my children, and here it is overlooking the beach with giant clear glass windows, so it’s just a great view all around. The staff is always friendly and courteous, and the amenities and activities are fun.  Especially, their kids klub.

On our first day away, we hung out at the pool for a long while then hit up the beach to end the day back up at the pool.  My kids love love loooooove the pool at this resort.  It’s real pretty and wouldn’t you know that we bumped into a local family from our kids’ school?!  That was a nice surprise, so we spent some time together swimming and enjoying some drinks late night after dinner.

I love surprises!

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July 4th!

Hey Everyone!

✷Hope you all had a great 4th of July! ✷

We hosted the bbq this year for both sides of our family, very much on the whim, but it came together amazingly well…food was great, booze was plenty and well, I just love being with my crazy family and friends.  🙂

The weather cooperated enough till after we ate.  Thankfully, our house is designed for a party, with the living room and kitchen open to one another.  So seamlessly, we moved the party indoors for dessert once the sprinkles of rain turned into major drop.  It was a fun day spent with everyone laughing and enjoying each other’s company.