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Wedding Fun at Crane Estate

Hey Everyone,
This Saturday two great people came together in a union that we were so blessed to bear witness. The weather was perfect. The Couple was beaming. We were with our friends and it was great.

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Gym Update

Hey Everyone!
Hope you guys have been enjoying this gorgeous warm Boston weather this week! Ohh so nice! This is exactly my type of weather.
And. This great weather should hold up over the weekend, which is great news as my good friend’s wedding is tomorrow! Last minute, it was decided that a large group of us friends attending the wedding will be shacking up at our friend’s family beach house afterwards…uhm can I get an AMEN?! 88 degrees on the beach all day for the wedding then again at night! My husband and I haven’t had an adult getaway in a while, so I am super stoked about this with all our great friends.
So, I have been going strong at the gym! Still enjoying the workouts and now meeting new people, which is a bonus. I started making a gym friend this week, another regular I see there on the first few days of my week, and so far so good. He seems super normal with the same weight loss past as me, and he seems to like to talk gym talk with me back. (normal is a big feature, am I right? lol) And I hope to keep making nice friends that I see on the regular like him.
It’s a lot of fun. I finished off a four-day in a row streak this week, and I am feeling a lot of burn in new places this time. My lower abs especially…ouch. It is a different experience every day for me, in a great way, with all the new things I am willing (and eager) to try to learn. Even with the strength training and cardio I have already been doing like a champ, I approach it differently changing up strides or inclines or tension or weights. I feel results and see them, which is a driving motivator..more so the feeling.
Man, I love feeling so strong! I do not like the small callous I have developing on my left hand but I do love feeling my body move in a more meaningful way than I have ever felt before. So I will take the callous.
Well, it’s dinnertime and I gotta fly! Tomorrow is the big wedding, so hopefully I can post to you on that by Sunday night. I so cannot wait to see everyone and..well, to wear my new beautiful dress! Gah it’s so pretty! lol
Have a great weekend and hope you are feeling great, too!!
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Mother’s Day, Recital N Gyming It!

Hey Everyone!

I have been super busy lately with my family, work and the gym, that I have lost track of posting! To catch you up!
Mother’s Day:

Hope all of my Mom readers, and those playing the Mom role had a great day.  I had a real nice Mother’s Day with my family.

Woke up to my girls super excited to start the day.  You’d of thought it was Christmas!  They had made a new breakfast menu for me, which was so beautifully drawn I started to cry.. of course. I didn’t have them make me much as I wanted to eat at brunch.  My husband and the girls surprised me by taking me to my favorite restaurant for brunch, 62 on the Wharf, in Salem.  They had taken me last year, and because I said I wanted to go back, they took me back!  The restaurant is really exceptional.  They offered a wonderful menu for the day, and it was such a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed.  We had so much fun being together…and I had fun drinking my favorite cocktail. lol

We followed brunch with a walk around the wharf.  It was a real warm sunny day, and it was perfect int he sunshine.  The breeze was warm, and the atmosphere was pumping with families bringing their beloved moms out.  I love seeing generations together. I will have to take my Mom out with us next time.   After this, we stopped at home, where my husband and girls left me to nap while they ran an errand… I was surprised, and well, normally, I do not nap.  Napping usually ruins my day, or I pass out watching a boring movie, but to make the decision to nap is not me……..but this day, I DID!!  My husband gave me a blanket, and the girls kissed me goodnight.  Int he sunshine of my bedroom, I dozed off.

Woke up an hour later to my family handing me flowers and my husband holding dessert to bring to my parents’ house.  At my parents, my mom and sister were there waiting with my sister’s family.  We toasted each other on our motherhood right when we walked in, which I can always count on. Celebrations with my family. My mom is so wonderful a holiday goes by where she doesn’t make me feel totally amazing.  SHE is the best Mom. Great role model of a woman, a mother, a friend and a person.   Even on this day, which was also her own to relax, she made her special pizza and had the backyard all set up for us to be together.

That is what a loving person does, not just a Mom. All with a smile and joy in her eye looking forward to her family, her whole family.  We were all together exchanged thoughtful gifts, old stories, and enjoyed my mom’s homemade white pizza.

Really, I felt so special this Mother’s day.  All the glory and beautiful words from my loved ones made me feel so great this day.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a loving honest and beautiful family.





The following Saturday after Mother’s Day was the girls’ big recital!  8 months of their hard work paid off with a great show!  The theme this year was A Dream to Share danced to a NYC backdrop.  It was really a great show, best one out of the 6 years we have been a part of this dancing school.

They had a great year dancing with the Wednesday crew and it showed!

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I have been having a real blast at the gym.  I am enjoying the cardio, a lot, and have recently shifted from the 30 minute circuit room over to where the big boys work out..and that changed everything for me!!  The machines feel better to handle, and my body is responding real well. I haven’t been pushing myself to my limits, so I can really get used to working out again, BUT I am looking to up my weights and cardio starting next week.

So, I am there a minimum of 4 days a week (Monday/Tuesday – Thursday/Friday) and a maximum of 6 days, if I add in time over the weekend. With dancing now behind us, my schedule is back to normal and can squeeze in that extra day during the workweek for fun.  I am absolutely loving how I feel from working out. So much, that I gave myself a small challenge this week-an hour a day for five days (weight training four out of five-first and last two days)…and at 11:30AM today, I hit that goal when I walked out of the gym!

I rarely go in the morning, but figured to switch it up to see how it felt.  I loved it.  Monday and Tuesday after work are a lot of fun, and my normal afternoon workouts the other two days are great, too.  Lots of people watching and stuff during both those times, but today at 10:30AM, the gym was basically all mine.  So, I got up the courage to try other machines that I don’t normally go near…the rowing machine, the ab blaster and I forget the other one, but it twists your middle.  I had a lot of fun playing around, figuring out how things felt.

I don’t know if it’s coming across, but I am having fun.  🙂

I have to admit that taking care of myself like this, at the gym, is so wonderful. This is my treat to myself. And, having muscle definition appear, with that feeling of being stronger, is such a confidence booster and feels so SEXY!! .. fitting nicer in my clothes is a bonus.  Seeing my body change is so gratifying, and feeling happier (as if that was possible) is also a big bonus.

Sooo, the trainer part of the gym.  Well.  The trainer is a funny story.  We are becoming friends rather than trainer and student. We hung out last week for an hour at Starbucks, which was a lot of fun, but we didn’t talk about training, at all.  We talked about work a lot and we just started to hit it off as friends. We hadn’t planned on talking workout talk.   Maybe I am a bad influence.  lol   But, to be fair, his schedule is just more work than workout time, even for himself, and I understand that fact.  To expect someone to make things all about me feels weird, when I clearly see they are busy, and well, I let it slide without making him feel like he was obligated.  Because he isn’t.

Stupid move?  Idk.  He is super nice and too funny to be human, so, instead of being my body’s trainer, he is making me content as a friend.   I can never have too many, especially when they are good honest people.

My motivation is that I am going to be fit NO MATTER what, and I am on my path.  Unfortunately, not as I initially planned but it IS happening!!  And happening happily.

Well, that is all I have for now!  Next week is a big wedding weekend, which I will def update you on when I can.  I am sure I will take a ton of pictures! lol.  I am so looking forward to celebrating our great great friend with his wedding!!

So, as you can see things are going real well…life keeps happening, friending up, and hitting it at the gym with eager motivation!  Let’s hope this good stuff keeps going!

Have an amazing Memorial 3 Day weekend!!  Yes!!





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Father Daughter Dance 2015

Quick post of Friday’s fun. My.. girls and husband had attended a great annual event, the elementary school’s Father Daughter Dance. Here is a quick pix post of the night.

During the dance my husband sent me these: