Thursday Update!

Helloooo Everyone! I am happy for no reason today; it’s awesome.  Ever have one of those days that you just wake up to everything feeling, hearing, looking, and tasting amazing, like you are on some crazy high?  That’s me today.  Not sure what it is, or who slipped what in my coffee, but thank you. … More Thursday Update!

April Vacation 2015

Hey Everyone! Well, after a couple of months bogged down with illness, this week redeemed it all. We took advantage of some time off by taking the girls away to the Cape and then Manhattan. Yay for vacation! We took off Saturday for the Cape, where we spent three days in South Yarmouth; we day tripped to … More April Vacation 2015

Where’s Valeria?

Hey Everyone! My My MYYYYYY!!!! I have been in the worst rut of my life, actually, since 2015 has begun! SICKNESS! The night of my Easter post, I fell ill AGAIN, but this time with a stomach bug.  An insane stomach bug that felt like hot daggers were scraping me from the inside… and the pain … More Where’s Valeria?

Easter 2015

Hey Everyone, Happy Easter! Today was a great day spent with my family. It started off with the girls waking up at the crack of dawn, which wasn’t all that great since we were out late last night partying, but it was still awesome to see them freak over their baskets when they came down … More Easter 2015