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Holy Strep!

Hey Everyone!!

What a major setback since my last post!!  

Here’s why I have been MIA.  Well, I was literally MIA!

I had such a great day that Thursday, when I last posted.  Great work day.  Great gym session. Though I was exhausted more than normal. Great dinner with my family. Then that night I blogged. As I mentioned I grabbed a hot tea, started snuggling with my love then I felt weird. My body immediately got chilly and achey, and the world was spinning in my mind.  So I decided to hit the sack early, with my heating pad on my abs!

I passed out in minutes, only to not get out of bed till well, basically, today!!!!  Yes!! I have been in bed for six days!!  I ended up sick with strep throat though I swore it started like a flu.   I have never had strep throat knock me out for this many days or at the intensity like it came on either.

It was frightening how out of control my body was through this.All I could do was sleep it off between drinks of water and medicine.  Thankfully, I got on a prescription Saturday morning, once I realized it wasn’t the flu, and tried my best to keep the pain/fever at bay with ibuprofen and stay healthy by drinking water as much as I could tolerate.  Though I am sure there is some dehydration because I couldn’t just swallow or get anything down easily, but I muscled through the pains until yesterday, when skim milk felt like the perfect elixir!

Today I feel like a human again, though my throat still feels like a ton of razors when I breathe, swallow, cough, yawn, walk, talk, sit, think, And my ears are just painful enough to tolerate.  lol  Ok I am being sarcastic but what a world of difference a few days make!

This did put a big kink in my fitness start, but once I am at 100% I am back on track!!  It’s been on my mind during my few awake hours this week, and I am hoping to be back by Saturday morning..really hoping!!

So, here’s to a new beautiful sunny day where I can tolerate swallowing and talking!

Talk to you soon when I have more fitness updates!


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A week in at the gym!




Hey Everyone,

Quick week update.

Workout update:  Since my last post, I have been mentally psyched up, feeling great about going to the gym and have been enjoying my time working out. I have been 4 times and will be back tomorrow  mid-morning.  Then I will do some intense stretches my massage therapist recommended on Saturday morning.

I am aiming for a normal routine schedule of Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.  I have been on the treadmill for 30-35 minutes followed by 30 minutes in the circuit machine room.  I have alternated days working a part of my body on the machines so I don’t over stress myself.  My idea is hit the cardio then thirty minutes dedicated to upper body and legs the first day, second day working only on legs, the third day on abs, and then back to upper body on the last day.  This way I can get used to strengthening these parts of my body more often than I had before, and am ready to step right into the trainer’s worksheet.

Right now, I am feeling the burn in my upper thighs and abs pretty hard, but it is not bad at all. It’s like a reminder of what I wasn’t using before and NEED TO. I had insane arm burn Monday and Tuesday, but I pushed myself too hard Saturday, unfortunately, but I was too happy getting my groove back to realize.  I have decided to get on this schedule for the next two weeks getting myself back into the swing of things before working on the trainer’s work sheet.  I am not sure he knows this timeframe, but we spoke today touching upon a few things before we really start. We are ready to start but we haven’t actually said when.

Like I mentioned before, he sent me a sheet to start looking at with 2 weeks full of core exercises to do at home on top of what I am doing at the gym.  For me it’s like hieroglyphs I don’t quite get, and I really need his help deciphering, which he will do.  It’s going to be a lot of high result / low impact core work.  He talked about a lot of strengthening things today that I never thought about before, which I ended up taking with me to the gym after we spoke.  I felt like today’s workout was very different because what he talked about.  I took each movement with such thought.

This will be a great match, I can tell already.  He seems to give me that older sibling pushy type of feeling that I drive off of being the baby of my own family.  I was so nervous about us working out before, but after today, I am REALLY happy stepping forward in the body shredding department!

This girl’s body is going to look SICK!!  ha 


Health update:  I have been trying to stretch my lower back and keeping the heating pad on it as much as I can.  It seems to be working, because my sciatica seems to be doing a whole lot better than before.  Stretching has been helping me not only keep that loose, but it’s helping me keep everywhere loose.  I am feeling pretty great.


Product update: Finally received that Amazon order of the physio ball and three strength resistance bands this past Wednesday.  Super stoked about these, because without them my trainer’s portion would be delayed further!  These are the items he recommended:



I still however haven’t purchased that cocoa butter, yet.  With my free time spent at the gym, I have been neglecting my part time job of shopping, but I have a plan to hit up Target Sunday.  I wonder if that stuff comes in an unscented formula?

So, I did not have a lot of decent workout clothes to start back, so since my last post, I ordered a black compression hoodie from the Gap and a cute pair of black and grey skirted leggings from Zulily.  These are going to be great pieces for Spring.  I threw some of my favorite tanks from last year to the workout gear, along with some of my beat sweatshirts.  I need to grab a new sports bra, though, because one of the two I bought was not supportive enough for me. And this girl’s tatas aren’t going to be jiggling like that in front of anyone but her husband. lol So, if any of you have recommendations message me!  I am thinking to try Victoria Secret’s brand new one; has an underwire underneath.  My sneakers still feel great, but need to snag a few new pairs of workout socks this weekend.  I don’t know how, but I lose socks all the time!  My dryer is pretty picky, too, cause it only takes mine!

Well, that’s my update for now.  I am going to make some tea then get that heating pad on my abs! 🙂



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Feeling the 1st Burn!

Hey Everyone!

Well, I have lost faith in Mother Nature because IT IS FRIGGIN SNOWING OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW!!!!  Wth!!?? Like a full on storm with wind! Isn’t Spring in 7 days?!

Well, anyway.

Just updating on my first unofficial day back at the gym.  It wasn’t my plan to start working out this Saturday, but I couldn’t sign up to not start right away!  I am impatient like that; I should mention that about myself. So, yes! I checked out the gym in the late morning, and had a real fun time working out.

I forgot how much I missed having this workout time for myself.  

I was there for about an hour and five minutes, which I thought was a decent start since I have been doing some workouts at home.  I started on the treadmill, and forgive my non-workout jargon, for 35 minutes at a speed of 3.5-4MPH, and alternating inclines between 2-5 (alternating up/down every five minutes).  I like to work up heat/sweat by brisk walking up hills, unfortunately, on a flat surface doesn’t do it for me yet.  And I have not started on my challenge to jog.  I know that sounds so silly, that I don’t jog, but I just don’t and have to get over that mental hurdle.  That’s part of my challenge with the trainer.  It’s going to be a huge hurdle!!

Then after that treadmill fun, I used their 30 minute circuit area.  It was great, and easy to go through each machine.  I worked up a great sweat there, and I love weight training.  I miss my ‘muscles’!  They had all the machines I like, but I have to get used to that idea of being on/off a machine when the timed light changes, but, since that area was not busy, I was able to stop/start/continue using the machines all at my leisure.  We shall see when it’s busier.

And, I got to use some of my new workout gear for the first time- cross training sneakers, yoga pants, sports bra (first one I have ever owned!) and iphone holder.  Loved my new yoga pants, AND, sneakers.  I didn’t even think about them being new because they felt like second skin. So glad I decided to get them.

Great first experience!, and, I am hurting a bit today, which I LIKE!  I love feeling the muscles that I used!

This new journey is going to be a good time I can just tell.  🙂

Today, super unfortunate, I am home with a sick child.  She caught this from her baby sister who was out for most of last week.  Sad we missed out on her religious ed class and a family birthday party, but her health and comfort is important.  She needs to rest so she can get back to school tomorrow.  She has already freaked out on missing a day, she is real into perfect attendance.

Tomorrow is back to my gym time, starting my week off right!  Gotta try their 12 minute ab circuit area!!  🙂

Take care all!

Aannnd as I wrote this to you, I swear it snowed a few inches!  Ugh, let’s hope this melts quick along with the other few feet still surrounding the city!


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Signed Up!

Hey Everyone!

This girl was up super late last night reviewing the two gyms side by side, and I signed up for one!

I chose gym…..number 1!  (The first one I checked out!)

I didn’t think that shopping for a gym would be this big of a deal, because my last gym was conveniently attached to my children’s pre-K school.   It was very family oriented with a membership my husband and I could share, so it was a real no brainer. Also, at that time, it was all newly renovated with a great lay out, new machines, decent people, and class schedules that made me think of taking one! (lol think).  So that was all a plus, because I’d go after work and then swing by to pick up my children afterward from their class.  But even though it was pretty hefty in price, the amenities were pretty rad and a part of me felt good that my membership dollars were going to a place that helped the community, too.  Yes, it was a YMCA.

This time around, I really thought about what would be a better fit for me now that none of my kids are in that facility any more.  So that old location didn’t really make sense anymore as I work from home more often than not.  At the end of the day, what I really want and need for motivation is convenience and the use of machines/equipment that I understand and want to use.  Convenience of location the most.   If I can be at the gym in less than ten minutes, I am sold!


Gym #1 is just a better location.  It’s near my house and my kids’ school.  Its hours are almost 24/7.  The vibe felt right. AAAaand the membership price wasn’t riddled with an insane amount of hidden fees.  Holy moly, gym #2’s fine print had crazy inflated fees on top of membership …and it was further away, in an area I wasn’t all that hot on driving to; and I didn’t see any reason why it was more money than other gyms in the area after the tour!

I am not one to even think about price in that way either, just so you know more of what swayed me.  For me if something is worth the value you are being charged, then I will be the first to opt in.  I am not cheap, but I am not stupid enough to spend money on things I don’t find true value in.  But as I was talking to my husband last night, nothing but the pool and basketball court are the difference in those gyms aside from location, and well.  I don’t play basketball, and, I was not that impressed by the pool like I thought I would be for my kids to use it.

I think I made the right choice and I am so excited to get in there for fun!

So…Congratulations gym #1!


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School Project!

Hey Everyone!

Here’s a super quick blast about my daughter’s school project and an update on my day.

So, first, my daughter’s big project.  She had been working so hard on this project, Eminent Person, for a touch over a month.  She chose J.K. Rowling, who was the one and only person she thought of when the teacher presented this project to the class.  She loves her, and is obsessed with Harry Potter.  Right now she is in the middle of reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix all on her own. We read the first two to her and her sister, then the third book she joined in reading along with a school library book, and then book 4 she wanted to read to us, and now 5 she started on her own. First the treat was if we read a book we would watch a movie, but now that the books are darker she is forgoing the movie.  haha   Blows my mind that she is only 9 years old!

This project was such a wonderful experience, and she was so excited through it all.  There was a lot of researching, speech writing, typing, collage making and even Powerpoint presentation creating!  Third grade! I mean, I do not remember ever doing something this intricate in the third grade!  We helped real sparingly, this project was all on her.  She wanted to show us and I think herself that she was capable.  At the end of her research and typing, my husband helped her layout the board, where she learned some valuable Adobe Illustrator skills! The project ended this Tuesday with a full on presentation.  The students had to dress up as their eminent person, stand in front of their collage boards and wait for someone to ‘press’ their button (they had stickers on their hands) where once activated they would start on their speech about their person.  It was so darn cute, and I was so taken aback with how poised my little girl was, no nerves.  I know I sound like a raving parent, but she is just so bright and beautiful inside that when she is in a crowd she shines.  (my Lord, I sound like my mother!! lol)  But in all seriousness, she did so well, and I was so proud of her not succumbing to shyness, and projecting her personality…and her fake English accent.



Just a quick update: I went to that other gym this afternoon, and had a tour.  It was super nice..pool, basketball court, tons of machines, and a big classroom for scheduled classes. The staff was real friendly and the patrons looked normal!  I have to sit down with my husband to get the pros and cons down, and sign up for a gym tonight before it gets too late.

I did receive the first two weeks plans from the trainer…YAY!  It is so scary to look at, but I am in this to make a change. One of our goals, and I say ours because I am so nervous, is that I am going to run.  YES, RUN.  ME.  I have never run a day after I turned eighteen.  I kid you not.  So, that is going to be a big mental hurdle to get over.  And another goal is to get my core strong enough to sustain a lot of future goals.  🙂

I am so excited, guys! I really am, it’s insane how much I am looking forward to this. It is going to be difficult as hell, and I am going to complain, but I am not going to let it get the best of me.  I know this is good for me, and so much for my mind. THERE IS NO GIVING UP!!

Now, I may or may not update you guys tomorrow, depending on my day.  The girls have a half day, and I promised them an afternoon at my parents’.  But, I will on Saturday!  So keep an eye out!



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Cocoa Butter and Heating Pads..This girl is a Party Animal.

Hey Everyone!

Well, today felt like a perfect Spring day, didn’t it?  I am hoping this bright, warm day was a small taste of the early Spring we so rightfully deserve! (A girl can dream can’t she?)

Since my last post.  

Yesterday morning was my daughter’s big eminent person report, and my husband left for NYC right after it was over. He has the camera with the memory card.  The memory card that has all the cute pictures of that morning’s activities on it!  He just landed so I will make sure he doesn’t take it to work tomorrow!  Her project was such a great experience for her and for us, and I am real proud of her work.  She did so well, actually, the whole class did an amazing job.  What a cute, and smart, group of children.

The Gym:  Also, yesterday, I stopped into that local gym after work and took a tour. The people who work there seemed super nice.  The place was clean and didn’t smell awful (major plus!). They had a few unexpected amenities like a water jet massage bed, full body massage chairs, tanning, etc.. I really liked how they had special rooms for timed machine workouts, like 12 minute abs and upper body circuit machines for 30.  Actually, I liked that a whole lot.  I would rate it as an overall nice gym, with a lot of up to date/new treadmills and weight machines, very colorful and cheery in person, and the feel I was looking for; namely it isn’t a gym for steroid freaks.  hah

I haven’t signed up as a member though, not a bummer, just putting it on a quick hold.  They just ended up having two more options that my husband thinks competes with another gym I was looking into that may some deemed as a nicer gym.  So I might as well stop by for an in person comparison. This other gym, however, was not my first choice because it is not as close to my house.  It’s an extra fifteen minutes away without traffic, though it is a stop along my drive home after work…and there’s a Starbucks very close (which is essential right?).  That was my one and only gripe with this second gym, the distance. So, I am going to try to swing by tomorrow during work for a tour, or at least to see what it’s all about.  If this place doesn’t work out then I will go right online afterward to sign up for the first gym.

The Trainer: When I last wrote, he and I talked that he was on board.  Yesterday morning, he reached out to me first thing.  We talked about what we will start working on and left it that he would have the week one’s plan to me by last night, with the tag “hopefully”. No word from him as of yet.  I do still need to have that gym secured and those few things from Amazon show up, so I am sure he will get it all to me in time. The one thing he mentioned I need to purchase is a cocoa butter stick. Yuk really.

This thought repulses me, because I like my perfumed lotion. It makes me happy.  It’s feminine.  It feels great on my skin. Cocoa butter smells awful to me, feels like crisco and makes me sad. hah  But, in order to get my body rocking back on track, I need it to help erase some stretch marks, or lessen them at least…and evidently feel tacky and smell gross in the process.  Ahhh.. no I am just kidding.

Ugh that smell!  But it’s on my list!

My Health: Speaking of back on track.. my sciatica!  I am so so happy at this moment. Yesterday morning was tough for my back at my daughters school. What a bad start.  I felt so bad, but had to smile through and talk shop with parents the whole time. After work I stretched as much as I could, then used that heating pad off and on till I fell asleep.  I woke up this morning with that pain significantly lessened!  I felt so great all day today, even into tonight, when I would normally feel my nerves bother me while making dinner.  Could this be the start of it going away?!  Will I be able to stand for hours or jump on the trampoline with my kids again!?!? My God I really hope so.

Well, I should get going, the heating pad is calling my name.

Take care and stay tuned!


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Back to Basics

Hey Everyone!

Well, I am so excited to blast out about my next big challenge..  I am getting back to basics with getting fit.

Yes!  I’m back baby!!  

I had taken a hiatus from the weight loss and gym scene in October 2013. I know so long ago!

My intent was to learn how to keep maintaining my weight by controlling food portions, making better choices and moving through free form physical activities. I am so glad to share I did real well, and that it was hard, and no part was without faltering, but I did it, even with ups and downs. Unfortunately, without routinely weight training or exercising my body, the weight has shifted. My weight stayed the same, but not in the same place.

And I do not like these shifts…  

On top of the unwanted shifts in my body, I started having issues with my sciatica. I had a nasty fall last February on the ice, not sure if you guys remember when I shared that last year, but I think that affected me more than I realized.  Last Summer it started to annoy me off and on, then about a month ago it was a daily issue.    

Also, I want to do this new fitness goal for my mind.  I feel like I need to get back into that routine not just for my body.  The way my body transformed from the start in September 2009 to now has been amazing, and for the first time in my life through these six years, I like my body. I like me, really I do, and that was a big thing to discover. I never gave it, myself or my body, much thought like I did over that span. I was always giving my energy to others, neglecting myself…to the point that I lost myself and I thought it was normal to do that. It wasn’t. And I feel that creeping back up not being in a routine working out. 

Throughout this I will be sharing it all; my true emotions, challenges, schedules, accomplishments and failures, equipment I buy, the gym I will join, the work out gear, pics…anything I feel is important or worth a share, you name it!!  I want to let it out so I can keep motivated or help someone just like me out there feel they’re not alone!

Cause even right now, just taking the mental leap feels lonely, albeit exciting!!

Let me start with my excitement and fears.  

So, I shocked myself by taking up an offer from a ‘trainer’ on a whim. YES, ME!!  He and I got to talking about things, one that he was a fitness nut/had trained people, and one thing said here to another, and boom he offered to help me. I resisted at first, cause I am not one of those people who ever thought of having anyone help. He is not affiliated with a gym or anything, so I didn’t think of it being a thing he’d offer while we were chatting.  At the moment, he hasn’t done much but talk to me, like psych me up, and he is helping me for nothing to start. I know, sounds sketchy, but he has said a lot that is fun and exciting for me at this point, or has he been anything but that person psyching me up. He isn’t charging me for now cause, as he put it, ‘I am new and it doesn’t feel like work …yet.’.

I think I am like his charity case. hah

He is starting by putting a plan together that I can start from home, to ease me back into it. I had started upper body (arms and shoulder) workouts at home already before he offered anything, so this would help go with what I like to do and have been doing, his words.  Just not sure when this will be because he has a full time job unrelated to fitness and I haven’t seen anything come to my inbox since he offered and sent me links to some equipment two weeks ago, but this morning he assured me he was on board after I shared all I had done this weekend.  (ugh I hope this isn’t a set up for being a let down later!)

This is when my fear kicked in. I have only been accountable for my physical being to myself. When I lost all that weight from before, I did it for myself because I was finally able…but, I could only let myself down.  I complained to no one. I showed only happiness even if I was going through hell. I worked out or didn’t when I felt like it. No one had ever taken an interest in me being successful who wasn’t my husband or children. So this is going to be new. That is a very big fear to cope with, letting a stranger influence me to strive harder …and possibly me not making it. Or new fear today,  him backing out.  But, I am already motivated, so as I feel, with or without him, I am doing this!

I have to!

My steps so far:

– A few days after Valentine’s Day, I started using my free weights for upper arm and shoulder training.  Started stretching and getting my head back into this world again.

– Have been on Pinterest to check out stretch ideas, workout positions and to keep motivated. It’s actually a real great tool, so if this trainer/coach bunks out, well I will have Pinterest as my new one! Here’s my workout board.

-On February 27, the trainer had sent me links to a physio ball and three resistance bands that I bought late Sunday night on Amazon.  Once I receive them I will post them.

-Saturday, I met with my massage therapist to help me with my sciatica issues (weird nagging nerve pain radiating in my lower back down to my leg, that I couldn’t tolerate exercising).  She is amazing, but I am a giant mess with nerve and tightness.  She did an absolute amazing job.  It seems a lot better, but a dull pain is still there.  I had used a heating pad for the first time in my life last night, and I woke up happy today with less pain.  I will stretch before bed and use it again.

-Sunday morning, I got new sneaks, workout pants and a new iphone armband at the New Balance store.  They were having an insane deal with the whole store 40% off! So I scored!  Hooked up my two little girls with new sneakers, too!  🙂  (I love shopping; too bad THAT isn’t a sport!)

— I own two sets of free weights, 5lbs and 10lbs, and an old recumbent bike. By tomorrow, after my oldest daughter’s eminent person report, if there is time before work, or after work, I will swing by the gym near my house that I think will fit me best.  If I love it, I will sign up.  If not, I will go to the other one I wanted to check out.  So, add all this together with the new equipment coming, I will be in great shape for a fresh start to sweating my ass off and feeling great again!

Just a FYI, her eminent person is JK Rowling!  It is going to be so awesome and I can’t wait to share that tomorrow!

Let the fun begin!