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Christmastime 2014!

Hello!  Merry Christmas!
Hope your holidays were amazing and filled with a lot of wonderful family memories!!
This has been one of my favorite Christmases of all so far!  I don’t know what was so different, if I just perceived it different or what, but it was a lot of fun.
Here are a few highlights from our Christmas!

Making of the Gingerbread Houses… This is the first year I found (Walmart) a kit for all of us to make our own house, and boy were our girls excited!  They always get upset that they don’t get to make the whole house alone, so this gave them that chance..and for me to make my own!

And, they came out great!

Niece’s Birthday Fun- My niece is also afflicted with a ‘Xmas birthday’- her, myself, my mom; and we don’t let it get us down.  This year she opted for a family only party, so my sister took us for a carriage ride through Boston and a hop through Faneuil Hall before cake and presents back home. It was a fun time!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Our staycation in Boston:

Saturday morning my husband decided last minute that he wanted to take us ‘away’ to soak up some more holiday fun in the city.  It was the only weekend we had no other obligations, so he must’ve felt odd staying home. hah… He made the calls and before noon we were jetting off for an overnight in town, at the Revere Hotel by the Commons. 

The hotel: It is a gorgeous boutique type of hotel in the heart of Boston.  Super swank, and I was greeted with champagne, which means I was happy. 🙂   Here are some shots of the interior of the hotel and the views from our room/balcony.  We stayed on the 24th floor in room 2410 over-looking the commons.



Our Saturday and Sunday: We spent Saturday night leisurely walking cross the Common through Downtown all they way to Faneuil Hall. There we enjoyed Blink, their new annual show of lights, and some dinner fun at Wagamama and dessert at Ghirardelli.  It was a great time and the girls were so happy to see all the holiday themed fun. Sunday we hung local for brunch at the hotel’s Rustic Kitchen, which was super delish, and then ran to the MFA, and it was great.

A few holiday related randos…

Christmas break has just begun, and we have a whole lot planned, but you know what else is planned?  RELAXING, which I definitely need.  And a diet.  OYE!

So let’s cheer to that!!


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Birthday Weekend!

Hey Everyone!
I am officially 38 today! Which means two more years till the big 4 0.  EEK!  But, let’s not go there!  I am happy being in the now, and right now I am just 38!
We celebrated the whole weekend, which is always my favorite thing to do.  Actually, this year I chose to celebrate each day from December 1 through to today.. the twelve days of Valeriamas, if you will. 🙂
But, let me talk about this weekend. Friday night we hosted my family to celebrate in the insanity, that is me.  Since I haven’t ever had a non-Christmas themed birthday in my life, why start now!?  It actually doesn’t feel like my birthday if I don’t have it glistening with candles or eating off red, white or green. Might be why I love Christmas so much…maybe? And, even though the day started off with some snow flurries, trying to be a ruiner, it melted fairly quick before the guests arrived after work.  (phew!)
We ordered in Chinese, had amazing chocolate cake alongside my mom’s special surprise dessert for me. My family’s favorite spungini (aka, zeppolle). The kids played so well together, and enjoyed all the treats.  I received so many wonderful presents; they really spoiled me!  It was a special night laughing with those that mean the most to me!  
Saturday was a great day, my sister took all the kids and I out to a fun holiday show in Winchester in the afternoon.  The kids had a blast, and were so well behaved, that we think we will be going back in March for another show!  This night my husband took the girls and I out for a special surprise birthday dinner at Burton’s Grill and then to one of my favorite holiday traditions, checking out the holiday lights on Rockvale Ave in Tewksbury.  There is this house on that road that holds nothing back with the amount of lights and music.  They are so amazing, and a lot of the other houses on the street usually joins in; it is truly a special sight.  They collect money or cans for the homeless, which makes it even better.  Anyone that is selfless enough to bring that much joy to people must be good people, right!? This night Santa had a bonfire going and a helper collecting. So I recommend to drive by!! 
Sunday was my big day!  I had a fantastic day today.  I had a great overall good feeling from opening my eyes, and I still have it.  I woke up to our girls racing down the stairs screaming the song Happy Birthday to me.  It was super sweet!  I got showered with a lot of hugs, kisses (hubba hubba from the big guy) and gifts, then was taken shopping and to L’Andana for brunch, which was a first for me.  I had never been to this place, though I had wanted to since they opened. Their brunch was so wonderful with a lot of my favorite brunch foods, ie. crisp Belgian waffles with creme fresh and berries,  a variety of unique flavored pancakes, French toast with poached pears and fig syrup, rustic potatoes, asparagus, mimosas and bellinis (and the best eggs over easy I had ever ever ever had out!).  The restaurant was decorated with great bunches of greenery peppered with ornaments and glimmering greenery swags along the wall.  Our kids had the best time eating and giggling together, so we thought to surprise them with a stop at the movies!  We finally went to see Big Hero 6, and we all loved it.
Before the photos of our weekend below, I’d like to thank those of you that messaged me with birthday cheer, again!  It was super thoughtful and truly loved each one!  ❤  This girl sure felt super special!  You guys are awesome! 
xoxoxox  Hope you had a great weekend, too! 
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Mason Jar Gift Certificate Holder

Giving gift certificates is my least favorite thing to do; it really is!  I love buying what I consider tangible presents, but if the gift card is for something the person or couple really needs or wants, I am buying it!
But, for me, gift certificates leave less to the imagination than normal.  I stuff them in boxes, slip them into envelopes that are topped with bows, or leave them in the store given wrapping…which is boring!  But not this year!
Today I took my love of mason jars, and making a mess, to give a crack at making a gift certificate holder that I would love to receive as much as give!  I bundled up, grabbed my umbrella, and headed to my favorite local dollar store. There I found clear plain mason jars and glitter packets.  My creative juices were flowing! I have a ribbons and a lot of new ornaments from past post Christmas runs in my own personal inventory, and figured I can make something work out of what I got and what I own!
The theme to this family’s presents is a very rustic craft paper type wrap.  It has Merry Christmas stamped throughout in vintage stamped lettering in both red and green.
Let’s see how it turned out!

This is the very boring gift card with its generic holder from the store that they definitely will be stoked to receive…but like this?!

IMG_5968 SEE!? Super boring.  NO WY

Here is what I came up with to match their presents!:


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Happy Birthday, Mamma!

Hey Everyone!

Happy December!!

December is the craziest time of year for me and my family after September with all the holiday gatherings and birthdays!!

This weekend we celebrated my beautiful Mom’s birthday.  I cannot believe my Mom just turned 40!!!.. ha!  *wink*  Well, she turned 66 years young, and funny thing is she looks pretty amazing compared to a lot of 40 year olds I do know!  I love my Mom and hope she had an wonderful birthday today!

Here are a few of the pics I took at her party.  I ended up falling ill this night, so I wasn’t up for many more photos after the cake. 😦