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Halloween 2014!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Halloween 2014!  How was yours?

Ours was real great!

Wednesday Night Dance Class

The girls’ class for dance falls on a weekday, which I do not love, but it makes for a fun afternoon after work gossiping with new people.  Their Halloween dress up day was this week, and since their costumes for Halloween, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, were too drapey for class,  I decided to change up their costume to dress up as Minnie Mouse.   It was a great last minute decision and the girls loved it!  And their classmates did too!  I painted their faces in 10 minutes, seriously, and if I can pat myself on the back on this one I will, I think they came out super cute.  All the makeup was done with cosmetics, which is a bonus cause it washes off so easily and there is less of a chance for rashes to develop.


Halloween Night!

The girls were Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter, which so many people recognized..phew.  Their costumes from their birthdays didn’t go to waste.  I was a form of La Muerta (day of the dead, sugar skull) and my husband was painted up as Manolo from the Book of Life, and I love love loved that he dressed up in matching face..something we have never done. Not sure why, but matching costumes has never been his thing.

It was the first time since we moved up North, and since that odd snowstorm on Halloween years ago, that we’ve spent the night trick 0’treating outside our neighborhood, and soooo glad we did.  We got invited to my sister’s house in Reading to go around and let me say that the neighborhood we ended up in was spectacular.  There were so many kids walking around the streets we all flashed back to ET.

I mean, I saw at least 100 kids walking around on one corner…insane!  I was soooo happy! The area was booming with so many families, and it was a lot of fun.  A few houses had haunted happenings, a couple of houses had firepits set up on their front lawns with chairs, and one house had a makeshift bar set up offering and wicked!  It was so much fun!

There were a lot of times I heard my kids saying it was their favorite Halloween so far…and I have to agree.  The vibe was fun, my costume was appreciated by so many, and the kids behaved amazingly well.  What else can you ask for on a Halloween night?

Overall we had a real great time. We ended up out super late one got upset at us after 8:30 out and about (inside joke, but last year we got barked at by a Mom cause we were out at 8:15pm!! Andover is lame and that Mom was a big douche.).  The kids got more candy than anyone’s I saw posted online. Pssh, seriously you cannot even compete! Each girl got enough candy to have till next OCTOBER!! We hung out at my sister’s till past midnight and I got to noche on a ton chips and a whole ton of peanut butter candies since my kids can’t eat them.  <– that is what makes for an awesome Halloween in my book.  🙂  Oh and wine.

Here are some pics I took to share.


My costume might be my favorite I’ve ever put together..even more than my Geisha and Roller Derby Girl, Valeria Hurtanelli!  I thought of the day of the dead idea a week ago, then after seeing the Book of Life definitely thought to try it out.  I took time making my head piece from any finds I could to make this on the cheap, too.  I bought a pack of dollar store headbands.  I glued on a child’s sized veil cape I happened to find at Michael’s for a buck to one of the headbands. Then glued on red roses (the most expensive part) and a few plastic skulls..then coiffed up my hair around my already existing colorful flower hair pins to create a pretty rad hair style for the costume!  My face was all painted up with cosmetics as well, and I LOVED how colorful it was in person.  I was very glittery in person like sugar, but I didn’t want to white out my face (I am not a fan of scary things).  I wore my palest foundation then dusted a sheer shimmery eyeshadow all over.  I highlighted in a shimmery purple along my cheeks and created a skeleton silhouette on my chest.  My eyes were done in a shimmery aqua, then lined in black eyeliner which I adorned with red lip liner and gloss. My mouth was paled out with nude lipstick that I highlighted with aqua, and the web was also highlighted with the aqua then lined. I wore a long dark blue strapless maxi dress with a colorful velvet burn-out cape I already owned that was very reminiscent of a Mexican traditional shoulder cover.  Lucky I had bought that years ago cause it was perfect for the look!  (sometimes regretful buys turn out to work!)

Well, that is all I got!  I had a great time, and today we attended a birthday party with a Halloween theme celebrating three cute family friends’ kids!  Anddd the weekend isn’t over yet, my dad’s birthday party is tomorrow. The big 75!  🙂 such a great weekend!!

And, I am now officially tuckered out and will be happy to make a cup of tea to relax the night away.  Manolo is waiting.  🙂

Hope you all had an amazing holiday!!  I love seeing the pictures so far online, but I hope to see more and more photos posted on FB and InstaGram, cause I just love this holiday!


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The Mommy Chronicles: She Flew

Hey guys!

The sun is finally out today, gloriously waking me up after our recent week with that crazy nor’easter that hit us. Grey skies and down pours are not my favorite, especially for a whole week!! Rain never is unless it’s a bright light rain shower during the Summer.

My objective to write today was to poke fun at the fact that my oldest daughter has a better social life than I. She was out till 10:30 last night! But now that I sit here typing it isn’t coming to me that way anymore. It struck me that my baby is growing up more than I want to realize.

It started a handful of weeks ago. My oldest daughter, 9, was invited to her school bff’s painting party at this quaint painting studio in our town. We are no strangers to school parties or playdates, and we love love the weekend ones for the children my kids really love hanging out with. So off we went. Now, we aren’t the type of parents to dump our real young kids at events, nowhere. Not at your house, playground, party center or anywhere..not even on playdates ; we hang out with them as added chaperones really. Her friends love us, well me, and this is how it is. This bff’s Mom knows me, we have met a handful of times and she os super sweet.

Well, as that studio started to fill up with her friends, I noticed that the kids weren’t babies anymore. Like this crew was a lot older than a month ago at my daughter’s party. So I checked in with my daughter to make sure she was good and wanted me to stay. She said to stay. I am not sure what came over me asking, but I felt like she was in a good place. The studio was a safe place with her friends there, the parents of the bday girl and the studio workers were grandmother types. Then as the studio filled up with all the kids I took party pictures, then figured to ask her if she wanted me to stay again. The party was for an hour, why not ask. I could grab a coffee and be right back. I know she will say no, reassuring my cool Mom status.

My daughter replied to me that I should go. With a great big grin.

Ugh. The emotions I felt were insane. And for me, a person who loves to be free and a mom who really enjoys her kids taking steps to growing up, this shocked me. I felt rejected(stupidly), elated(cause I could grab a coffee then get home to be with my family down the street) and I felt preoccupied with guilt and worry that something would happen to her cause I asked. It was strange for me, but I swallowed it and tried to ignore them all, except the elation. It worked, but it was only an hour. And when I picked her up she was beaming with all the party updates she couldn’t wait to share with us.

Giving her a longer cord felt good, but a part of me felt her growing up out of control or away from me, which hurt. But this is normal right??

Let us flash to yesterday morning. The girls had a half day, so we did our usual fun half day girlie afternoon grabbing lunch wherever they choose. They chose Tripoli pizza so they could grab a sweet bakery treat. They are smarties. By the time I got back to the house, my work emails were drowning my inbox. Usually I check them on my phone while I am out, but figured Fridays are slower so eh this hour is mine. Well, in the midst of project proposals and security updates was an email for my oldest daughter. She was asked to go to a 7:45PM movie, The Book of Life, by her school bff (with Mom).

When I first read the email I was mixed with emotion, cause like I said my daughter has never really been out without me, my husband or a family member watching her in a place like that and my youngest daughter is going to freak cause she has been talking about that movie for weeks. Not that they haven’t done things separately, but not on a whim like this. This was a first not birthday, not daytime playdate type of fun. Also, I was wondering if 9 yrs old was too young to hang one on one like this that late, even with a parent chaperone. Her bedtime is 8! Well, I decided to grow a pair, and let my daughter go cause I want her to have fun. I told her and…

Ugh what a storm I created with that decision!!

The best part was my oldest daughter was on cloud nine. She immediately said yes to going and started prepping her stuff (a wallet with emergency contacts and a movie gift certificate we had). Cute right?? Oh to be nine! My youngest, 7, however, threw a shitstorm of rage at me because, well, I understood she felt left out and slighted no one asked her. Also, I am not a mom who invites her other kid out to her other kid’s events unless I have no support. Being let down is ok in my book, disappointment is a part of life and if I keep shielding them, they’ll be brats. And my kids are no whiny brats.

So this left me to deal with my giant baby girl, who is stubborn as a mule arguing why this wasn’t fair. But thankfully, I am more stubborn than her (and a foot taller, tg!), and got through to her. P h e w.

Four hours later, I finally catch up to my feelings letting my daughter go to the movies without us. I couldn’t help myself with feeling sad. I was wearing my big smile, pumping her up and telling her the rules, but inside I was feeling her let go. Silly right?

Our whole night, at home, was planned for her baby sister to have movie night with us. She chose Ratatouille. Great, a movie I like and can lose myself in. The Pixar intro comes on, where they talk about their draft session at the café..where all their movie ideas flourished, and how they created Wall-e. My youngest blurts, ‘awe man, Ava loves Wall-e. She’d love to see this part.’. And that jolts my nerves, and I lose it feeling nervous about her being out.

Oh my God, is this what my future holds with my kids? A constant concern while they’re out of my sights??? Egad what is happening to me??

Well. She flew (from the nest) for the first time didn’t she?

My oldest daughter is a beautiful girl full of wonder and sweetness. This girl has a sense of humor and smarts like no one else. I look at her and feel proud. But she is still a baby in my eyes. I would never hold her back, ever. I promised myself when she was born that I’d always let her be free. No helicoptering. She took that bonding feeling to heart. Always smiling and laughing with us from her birth. When she started to walk, there was no intro of the foot to floor, let’s hobble to learn. It was, ‘oh look my feet touch the ground… LET’S RUN!’. Everywhere! Mwahaha. <– that was how she’d laugh running from me. Seriously.

I have always allowed my kids to be kids, happy in my safety but happy in their beings. And now I feel conflicted because I feel like I was lying to myself that I could be the cool Mom without those insane attachment feelings like Bev from The Goldberg’s. Did I just reference her like I would turn into her? Oh God no. I guess I never gave much thought that I’d feel this way. Well, maybe I had, but not till they were in Middle School or older. When teens normally go out without their mom and dad for fun.

It has been a strange night digesting my rationale with my feelings.

I need a hug.

Her mom sent me this before the movie started.

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A Tad Daydreamy

Hey Everyone!

Crappy rainy day here in Massachusetts, but there are less than 10 days to go till Halloween! And 10 till my dad’s big 75th birthday! Yeaaah! mind is on Winter vacation.. super YAAAAY~!!

I cannot help myself today with daydreaming.  That is how I roll, unfortunately, and what better topic than the tropics to dream about!?  Ahh, I can see it, the bright sunshine, the oceanic horizon, the warm sand, the Summery dresses, tropical drinks, oh and my family. Can’t forget them. 😉 

I just need a break so badly. I haven’t had a true stress free feel since July, and I really really REALLY need to get away. I sorta screwed myself with time off this year. I blew it at the beginning, two weeks in Disney then that surprise San Fran/Denver trip and our Cape trip, it left me little time. So rather than spreading it around like a normal person…well, I’ll just stop there.   I am in l i m b o until next year. Where, positive thinking, I will gain a week of vacation back with my 15 year workiversary. YESSS!! I say back because a week was stripped of me during our acquisition in 2004, and,, I finally get it back! A LONG TEN YEARS WAITING FOR THIS BABY!!

If I make it, right!? ;P

Well, that’s all I have for an update. Things have been nutty busy with celebrations, holidays, birthdays and work, which is how I got into daydream mode to begin with. But for now, I got to jet so my girls can make it on time to dance class. Where I am going to continue daydreaming while sitting in the waiting room …YEAAAH FUTURE VACATION!!


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Ingaldsby Farm

Hey Everyone!

Hope you enjoyed this three day weekend!

It was a perfect Fall weekend here in Southern New England.  We spent most of it in Boston playing and eating like tourist again. Showing the girls all the fun things our city has to offer is one of my favorite pastimes, and seeing some new things is always fun! We got to visit the new Edgar Allan Poe statue they put up, which was great.  (IheartEAP)

But, today we spent it together having a little family fun at a local farm.

Our tradition around the Columbus Day weekend is to trek to a farm, and over the past 5 years plus we have visited Ingaldsby Farm in W. Boxford, MA.  Ingaldsby is a quaint farm tucked away off of 133 that offers a huge variety of seasonal produce and baked goods.  There is also a sweet little park for the kids to play on which includes a wooden train play set and two large tractor tires on top of a huge sand pit. Next to the park is a layout of a petting zoo.  Their animals include peafowl, pigs, sheep, lambs, goats, bunnies and their resident turkey, “Georgie” who resides with their chickens.

In the Fall, they offer a corn maze, hay rides and PYO apples and pumpkins.  Once you get out of your car you can smell the fresh cider donuts cooking in the air, and are immediately faced with all the colors of the pumpkins and gourds laid out for you.  The farm is beautifully laid over rolling hills of apples, pumpkins, corn and so many other vegetables, and it all spills out over a colorful pond.  It might be one of my favorite family friendly farms for this reason.  That typical New England feel of being surrounded by hills and trees.

Here are a few snaps of our fun day.  🙂

Hope this weather streak continues cause I have some fun coming up and an outdoor wedding next weekend!!  Pray for me guys! 🙂


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Halloween Party Beats

Here’s a list of Halloween inspired music that will be that perfect spooky addition to any creepy bash you are planning! 

  • Hell –  Squirrel Nut Zippers
  • I Put a Spell on You – Screamin’ Jay Hawks
  • Time Warp- The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Bewitched – Ella Fitzgerald
  • Jump in the Line – Harry Belafonte
  • Ghostbusters – Ray Parker, Jr.  (also, did you hear about the all woman cast for the NEW Ghostbusters!?!??!?!)
  • Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers  ..and…Monster Mash (cover) – Misfits
  • I Want Candy –  Bow Wow Wow
  • Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
  • Dracula – Gorillaz
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
  • Pet Cemetary –  The Ramones
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • Satan is My Motor – Cake
  • Highway to Hell – ACDC
  • Runnin’ with the Devil –  Van Halen
  • Shout at the Devil – Motley Crue
  • Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
  • Crawlersout –  Purity Rings
  • People are Strange –  The Doors
  • Lullaby –  The Cure
  • Afterlife – Arcade Fire
  • Devil Inside –  INXS 
  • Blue Eyed Devil – Soul Coughing



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Mommy Chronicles- The Palate Expander

Hey All!  
Well, it’s officially Fall…well, it has been for a couple of weeks, but I am officially giving in!  
There are a ton of beige, pink, yellow and orange leaves that have fallen into our yard (darn neighbor’s tree!), so it has to be true.  It’s time to break out the boots, fun patterned knee socks, and cozy duster sweaters because it’s apple crisp making and pumpkin picking season!  <–my only seemingly happy sentiments you’ll ever read from me regarding fall time.  
This week has been an interesting one.  My husband was away for most of it, my office was extremely busy and my hair was out of control curly..egad!  But the biggest change was our daughter’s palate expander. 
Our oldest daughter, 9 years old, is the cutest blue-eyed girl in the world, but, oh man, did she inherit my sized mouth with my husband’s sized needless to say it is quite crowded! Poor chicken.  Yesterday, she finally went in for the long awaited first step in the correction of her teeth… the palatal expander. And, yes, the expander is as horrific as it sounds! At least right now.  If you are not familiar, the expander is a metal winding bridged contraption that goes from one side of the mouth to the other. When you wind it the expander widens the arch of the palate to relieve some crowding.  It is done by hand cranking the expander nightly.  See? As a horrific as it sounds.  haha  
One night down.  Phew.  Thirteen more to go.  Igh!  
Right now she is having some speech issues and eating problems, which I heard was to be expected..but I feel so helpless because aside from giving her pain relief meds or mashing, cutting or offering her blended foods, there really isn’t much I can help with. 😦  I do not like to feel helpless.  EVER.  So I am struggling.
The worst part is not the expander..well, it is, but it’s more due to the fact that our daughter had been looking forward to this big step for a year since we talked to her about it.  I am not sure why she was looking forward to it, but who am I to crush her feelings when I, myself, would dread the thought?  It may be cause both her dad and I had braces as kids, or, cause we don’t frighten her with the unknowns but over-explain it so it seems like a snap?  I am not sure, but it was all crushed yesterday after she got the apparatus put on.  She changed demeanor within minutes..and stupid me I offered to take her out for frozen yogurt with her sister and cousins right afterwards.. I had no clue she would be having issues with controlling her saliva, swallowing or talking.  UGH.
I know this is short lived discomfort, but I am not looking forward to clicking that thing every night.  I just need to vent about how bad I feel for her.  Her little face last night at dinner was so sad that I just felt awful.  We had dinner company over and couldn’t be all about her issues alone.  That just killed me.  
Tonight it is just us.  It’s not a night her dad is working.  It’s not a night we have plans.  It’s going to be the best family Friday night we will have darnit!!  We will watch whatever movie the two girls can agree on.  Eat ice cream. Not talk of her mouth.  Right now, I am making two for her and one for the others.  I hope she can get it down and not feel too terrible about being slow. I can see she feels bad.  I am boiling the crap out of a soup and softening everything.  I haven’t decided if I should blend it cause visually I would hate to see my soup blended. (i’m a visual eater and I think she is too!), but it’s her decision after all.
Ok, I feel better putting my frustration down.  I just hope that this comes to a normal phase soon for her sake.  My little girl is a drooling mess. 
Have a great Friday night!