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10 Day You Challenge- 5 Foods

Challenge #6 of the 10 Day You Challenge
Here are my five foods that I cannot live without!

Ahh a great topic! What I love to eat! ūüėõ


My 5 Foods…

1. Potatoes, but of course!
I honestly can’t go a few days without eating a side of some type of¬†potato.
Fried.¬†Steamed.¬†¬†Sliced. ¬†Baked.¬†Cubed. ¬†Broiled…¬† and even my least favorite way to make a potato..mashed.


My name is Valeria.. and I am addicted to eating¬†potatoes. And I have no problem with that.¬† ūüôā


2. White Atlantic Ocean FishРlike Cod, Haddock, Sole, etc
New England has THE BEST seafood around, and the best white fish off the coasts hands down.¬†¬†And I’ve been all over this globe eating and have yet to find anything even close!¬†¬†¬†Broiled or grilled with a little S&P and¬†olive oil ..yum.. side it fries and yeah I am a happy girl!

Cod filet



3. Broccoli
I LOVE BROCCOLI. Broccolini, too.  I crave broccoli as much as I do potatoes. I cook it all the time and my family enjoys it, too! My oldest loves to eat it raw.

One of my favorite pasta dishes is with broccoli, and I love it simply steamed with a few drops of evoo and lemon.

It’s shaped like a tiny tree, and who doesn’t love trees?
It’s uber healthy for that is just awesome. Tasty and healthy.. yum!


4. Spinach
As a young girl I was obsessed with eating spinach just like Popeye.. well, not from a can.  My mom would cook it and I would devour it in seconds cause not only did it taste amazing, but I wanted to be strong like Popeye!  Not helpless like Olive Oil!


And still now, at my ripe age, I eat spinach and think of the theme song to the cartoon.¬† Ok not really, but I do still eat spinach cause it’s so fracking delicious!


5. Pasta
I am Italian so of course I am obsessive about pasta and the quality of it.. DE CECCO PASTA ALL THE WAY, but Barilla is fine, too!!

Now, I know I said potatoes are my favorite food of all time.. and they are, but a very very close second is pasta.  It is the most versatile food on this planet.  I mean,  it has been created in so many different shapes for a reason.. for all the type of sauces and fillings you can make for it.


Now that is a lot of variety right there!


Now I am hungry!


Till next Tuesday!


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Weekend Fun

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all stayed dry this AM.. without flooding.
What a blow out rain storm during the late morning commute this morning! I drove through way too many mini oceans on the highway, ones I was fearful of not making through.. it was not fun. But the best part was that when I got over the Zakim¬†and through the O’Neill it was sunny and gorgeous on the other side.

Oh Boston weather you are a big confusion!

Well, I think you guys saw my posts/stuff from the weekend, we took a¬†mini vacation with some friends down on the Cape.¬† We relaxed a whole bunch and it definitely helped me survive the perils from the week before.. OMG! WHAT A HORRIFIC WEEK that was! Just everything comig at me all at once, and that was right off the cusp of my last vacation which you know, returning from vacation to find¬†a shit ton of work is the worst..arg I don’t even wanna feel that again.

Hopefully I never have to!

Here are a few snapshots of the weekend..

Sunday we didn’t¬†take many photos cause the weather, my cell/internet reception down there was iffy, ANND we headed home earlier than expected cause of the rain starting up. But it was all great cause we got home, ordered in Chinese/Japanese, and watched the Lego Movie. ūüôā I like only those types of rainy days.

This type of rainy day this morning was a jerk. ūüôā


Well, I got a lot of work to do!¬† Tomorrow’s my 10 day challenge post, so keep an eye out for that!






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10 Day You Challenge- 6 Places

Challenge #5 of the 10 Day You Challenge


My 6 Places…

1.  My backyard

My yard has to be my favorite three season place to be!  Well, four too, but I will look at it from afar from a window in the Winter!



2. The Beach

Most any of them, but my local Gloucester beaches are among my favorite. I love to hear the local people, watch the waves, feel the breezes, touch the sand and soak up the sun.  It is truly one place where I can relax, feel at home, while thinking of nothing else but what is in front of me.

20140711-080756-29276118.jpg20140711-080545-29145345.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



3.  Gaslight, Brasserie du Coin

There is something about this restaurant that makes me feel so at home.  Their food is great.  Their drinks are clever. The atmosphere is quaint. The decor is spot on French bistro.  The staff is great. I just love it.  Plop me down in that corner booth right there with a Madame Lillet, a steak with frites with a salad nicoise, and you are talking one happy girl.

Snagged this from their site.

I was just there Sunday, and now I have this place on my mind.. arg I want to go to there!


4. My shower

Our¬†master bedroom’s shower is bliss encased in glass and marble. ¬†The shower’s water pressure is great.¬† The heat ramps up super hot, which I love. ¬†The smell of my favorite¬†body wash. The feeling of hot running water all over is absolutely magnificent. Also, any place where my children can let me be for an hour is where I am at!

AND NO. There are no photos of me in the shower here.. but I do have this!:



5. Boston

Out of all the cities I’ve ever travelled to none make me feel happy like Boston.¬† It’s big city life in such a small city scale.¬† The people, the history, the coast line, the restaurants, the museums, the universities, the neighborhoods, the community vibe, blend it together and it’s home.¬† Boston, you truly home!



6. My bed

The mattress is super soft and comfy (latex mattresses rawk!). ¬†It has a fluffy mattress cover. ¬†It is the perfect size for me; not too big, not too small. ¬†The sheets are always clean and crisp. ¬†Slipping into the sheets when they are clean is a great way to relax. ¬†The bedding is my favorite color, blue. ¬†It is situated below two windows, so you can feel the cool breezes of the Summer nights whisper over. ¬†My husband shares it with me, which is a lot of fun (hubba hubba). Our girls love to snuggle with us in the morning, one of the best ways to wake up. ¬†Annd… My pally pal, Gordon Ramsey (my cat), loves to snuggle¬†on it with me. ¬† ¬†And who doesn’t love bed snuggling anyway?!!? ¬†;P


This was actually hard to put together! I could have picked any place I have traveled to or want to go to cause the list is long and at my fingertips, but when I thought about this list, I wanted to list¬†my favorite places where I feel most at home.¬† ūüôā¬† Cause I love that feeling.


Where are your 6 places??


Till next Tuesday, everyone!


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10 Day You Challenge- 7 Wants

Challenge #4 of the 10 Day You Challenge


My 7 Wants…

All types of wants mashed together!


1. For us to live happily among family and friends always in good health and with enough money in our pockets to be comfortable.




2. Our mortgage, and all loans pertaining to our house, paid off!  This is our only debt and I want it paid off!




3.  A Summer home along the shores of The Cape!  I want to give my family, and the generations that follow, the opportunity I never had as a child with a Summer home.

CapeCodJuly2013 110


4.  To retire young with my husband and to live most of the year right here! 

 (Comm Ave.)


5. A harlequin Great Dane with blue eyes. (if I cannot have ’em,¬†blue eyes,¬†I wanna be surrounded by them!)

greatdane great dane <Рis this cuteness for realz?


6.  Two black cars- one vintage and one spanking brand new.

Preferably..a¬†’65¬†Lincoln Continental all chrome¬†with suicide doors.

snagged this pic off the net!
snagged this pic off the net!

annnd a fully loaded, 2014 BMW X6




7. To grow gracefully in good health while never losing my sense of humor, sense to travel, sense of wonder, sense of pride, sense of family, my deep heartfelt feelings or my cray cray¬†mind… and being able to share the wisdom, lessons-learned and stories of a life lived with my family!!¬†¬†¬†I never had grandparents in my life, but I’ll be damned if I don’t make an amazing one like my Mom and Dad!¬† There truly is nothing worse than an old person that has lost themselves in life so they are left with no stories to share and nothing to learn from!

Probably the best Nonni on the planet.  Never will you meet more selfless people...I promise you won't.
Probably the best Nonni on the planet. Never will you meet more selfless people…I promise you won’t.








This wasn’t that tough, but still it was weird to think about what I actually want, in life or in general.

Till next Tuesday!

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Cape Cod Summer 2014

Hey Everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well, and enjoying some Summer weather.

I had¬†been away on vacation last week, as you may have noticed from my social media lapse. ¬†I didn’t completely go off grid, but close enough in my book!!

I still cannot believe our vacation is already over! The whole week+ flew by too fast, and I am feeling happy and deflated at the same time.  Happy for having had a fantastic week, but well, we all know what Monday holds.

Il diavolo.. work.

Bahh, I am so not thinking of that right now.. I still have the rest of this day!

I am so wiped out right now from all that we did. Then¬†we took¬†the girls to Canobie Lake Park¬†at the end of the week. ¬†Yes, after a week of bliss on¬†The Cape we decided to take the girls to Canobie for… NINE HOURS! ¬†We are nuts, but we had a great time there with the girls as we usually do.

So,¬†about our week on the cape…

We spent the week at¬†the Red Jacket Beach Resort; a resort in South Yarmouth set up¬†on a¬†stretch of private beach that is parallel¬†to the Parker River along the Nantucket Sound.¬†We had stayed there two years ago for a short stint, some of¬†you guys might remember, but we always talked about going back…and we finally did!

The Resort¬†is ideal¬†for anyone looking for some relaxin’ on The Cape, and I mean it.. kids or no kids. ¬†It¬†is a quick drive off of Main Street, which is real convenient. ¬†Main St is where you’ll find all your typical Cape Cod¬†entertainment,¬†restaurants and pubs, pharmacies, candy and souvenir shops and¬†water toy stops. ¬†The resort is situated privately at the end of a long line of beaches; most of which are¬†private, too, with¬†an¬†exception of a 100ft stretch¬†that is¬†public. ¬†That is located a handful of beaches away from the Beach Resort though.

The resort has a lot of amenities..the biggest is the¬†beach with free turquoise lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels, at chair drink¬†service, and someone else to clean your mess¬†up rather than you lugging it back! There’s also a nearby golf course, an onsite spa, three heated pools (one kiddie), a full service bar under a canopy viewing the beach, Kids Klub. volleyball, shuffleboard, and a slew of awesome stuff.

The Kids Klub was something we used a few times for a few hours here and there. This was a major bonus for us to have alone time, but it was a bigger bonus for the girls who enjoyed it a tremendous amount. Kids Klub started at 9:30AM until 1PM and it is for children 5yrs-12yrs. We never signed them up for the entire time, but we might next visit!  They had a variety of activities that were lead by two-three counselors, like camp counselors. They offered group activities like indoor or outdoor swimming, catch the flag, soccer, building sand castles, but it always ends with quieter activities like arts and crafts one hour before pick up. One morning they got to play bases and hit baseballs on the beach with the Yarmouth Red Sox, which they loved.  Each kid also walks away with a free shirt they personalized during sign up.

Another part of the Klub they liked was that they got¬†to hang out with other kids they met at the resort; which was my oldest daughter’s favorite part. ¬†She made a lot of friends that ended up hanging out with us throughout our stay which was sweet.

Here are a few snapshots of the Beach Resort with descriptors. The pictures do it no justice really.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We tried our best to wash away work stresses and relax during this trip. ¬†We had a lot of¬†fun on the days we resort swapped..that is what we called it. ¬†The Red Jacket owns a few other resorts along the same beach span that their¬†patrons can¬†visit for beach or pool fun, entertainment, dining, or whatever amenities are available. So, we took a visit at two; ¬†the Blue Water and¬†Riviera. ¬†They are side by side at the end of the stretch of beach which was convenient to visit both, and they both had a ton of fun stuff for us to do. ¬†My favorite was the inflatable maze for the kids right on the beach, which I did a few times, too. ¬†I am a sucker for inflatables…that are ON THE BEACH!

Here are some shots of our visits there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Both resorts had pools that overlooked the beach, just as the Beach Resort where we were staying. The vibes were definitely different from one another and though I liked them all, there is just something about that Beach Resort I like so much.  We had stayed on the Riverside before, and this time on the poolside, and there is just something about being that close to the relaxation that makes me so happy.  Opening up the curtains in the morning to the sounds of the birds and waves crashing in the distance brings me a tremendous amount of joy.

Here are some more shots from places we visited off resort and our daily goofing around.  If you hover your mouse over each image it will pop up with descriptors.


Is it ok to cry over the end of this vacation?

Till next time Cape Cod!!  Which is in a couple of weeks!

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10 Day You Challenge- 8 Fears

Challenge #3 of the 10 Day You Challenge


My 8 Fears

In no particular order…

    1. Death– Sort of an obvious one..cause who doesn’t fear death, right?¬† It’s the ultimate end to everything.¬†I am extremely afraid of my own death, and the death of my loved ones, especially if it were by accident or something out of the blue where¬†I wasn’t prepared..egad, the thought just makes me freak out.
    2. Illness– Another pretty self-explanatory one.¬†¬† I do fear my loved ones or myself becoming ill with something that is life changing or incurable. I can’t even think about this.
    3. Disappointing others..and myself-  I think this might be a trait of the youngest sibling or something.  I have always had an issue with being a type of perfectionist.  Am I perfect? By gosh, no, not even close, but I have this standard set for myself that I fear if I go below I am just not going to be good enough and disappoint people.. and disappointing my family or friends would just crush me.
    4. Scary MoviesР I blame Freddy Krueger for this fear!  After watching Nightmare on Elm Street, as a young girl, I have been incapable of watching a scary movie like a rational person.  Not a single scary movie!!
    5. I fear the … Porta Potty. ¬†Egad gross!¬† They never bothered me much until learning the story of¬†that guy, from a handful of years ago, who was found INSIDE a porta potty peeping for days.¬† I think¬†he was found in¬†Oklahoma or somewhere.¬† HE WAS STANDING IN THE FILTH TANK WATCHING PEOPLE ABOVE! UGH!! Why?! …So, needless to say, I fear a strange¬†touch or a creep from there.¬†¬†I just talked about this over the weekend because at¬†the beach we frequent they have two set up,¬†and I know this¬†is an irrational fear, but you know what? All I could think of was¬†a person in the tank!¬† Holding it till I get home!
    6. Pre-Cooked Chicken – Like rotisserie¬†chicken from Market Basket, StopnShop,¬†Wholefoods…I do not care where! Chicken¬†that has been sitting in a tiny, snug plastic container¬†under heat lamps for hours waiting¬†for someone to grab it¬†for home.¬†As a child, like age 8!,¬†I started referring¬†to this type of chicken as ‘cancer chicken’.¬† Don’t know why I call it this still, but.. I would rather stick a hot poker in my eye than eat chicken that has been sitting around or wasn’t cooked minutes before eating it.
    7. My weight– I have finally come to a place where I am happy with my body. Well, with clothes on! But the back-slide, gaining back any of the 60+ lbs I’ve lost over these four years, would be the scariest thing. I fear turning back into that unhappy chubby girl I used to be a lot.
    8. Steep roller coasters- I am not afraid of heights or fast rides, not at all, but put them together and #NOTHANKS!


They ARE getting harder each week!  Yikes, fears was a tough one!

Till next Tuesday, guys!


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My 2014 Beach PlayList

Helllloooo Everyone! 

Hope you are all having a fabulous sunny Wednesday!¬† If you are not, just remember…****One more day of work!****

Canya tell I am having a fantastic day?   Not just the day, this whole week has been pretty awesome! I went closet shopping again, and fit into a few of my favorite old clothes I held off trying on (so glad I finally did this!).  Also, bought a slew of new fun Summer clothes for myself and my girls that I cannot wait to see on, and, to top all these great feelings off, our vacation is coming!! 

Bring on the salty air and sand right outside my door!! 

So. With this much-needed vacation coming up, I thought fit to blog some songs that will be on my playlist for the beach this season.  

Here are 30 songs to add to the playlist for the beach!

Listed by artist Рsong; in no order.

  1. ASTR – We Fall Down

  2. American Authors – Best Day of my Life

  3. Fitz and the Tantrums – The Walker

  4. Mr. Probz – Waves

  5. Parrell Williams РCome Get It Bae

  6. Broods – Never Gonna Change

  7. Purity Rings -Lofticries

  8. Phox – Slow Motion

  9. Calvin Harris –¬† Summer

  10. Lady Gaga РApplause

  11. MGMT – Electric Feel

  12. Vampire Weekend – M79

  13. Empire of the Sun РWalking on a Dream

  14. Capital Cities- Kangaroo Court

  15. Purity Ring- Fineshrine

  16. Arcade Fire – Porno

  17. Weezer –¬† Island in the Sun

  18. Vampire Weekend РCape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

  19. Big Data –¬† Dangerous (featuring Joywave)

  20. Supergrass – Alright

  21. Capital Cities – Love Away

  22. MIA – Paper Planes

  23. Santigold – Disparate Youth

  24. Grouplove –¬† Ways to Go

  25. Cake – Hem of your Garment

  26. Lorde –¬† Ribs

  27. Arcade Fire – Modern Man

  28. Vampire Weekend – Holiday

  29. Lady Gaga – Artpop

  30. Temper Trap – Fader

Hope you check¬†the songs/artists out if you’ve never heard of some before, too…you won’t regret it!