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Ladies, We Need to Talk… About Your Bra

Well, I cannot hold back my gripes about it anymore.


Most of you are not wearing the right bra size.

Yes. Really!!! I am seeing far too many sagging boobs flopping around all over the place in measly bras lately! I noticed a woman today who had her less than firm boobies down to her belly button..only to notice they were in a bra! I had to hold back my questions. Is your bra made of… Silly Putty?!  Did you put it on saggy or did that occur through the day?

I wanted to know, but realized as she stood before me, that this woman may never have been taught how to find that perfect bra.  I mean, how else could I explain the reason she was wearing a bra clearly without support?  

The importance of a well fitting bra is not just visual either, girls.  The perfectly fitted bra’s support helps your posture; and when you stand straight, you can look up to 10 lbs lighter!  Bet that just made you all sit up straighter! 😉  

Be happy. Look better. Stop making my eyes getting a new fitted bra!

Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect bra fit!:

1. Know your bra size.. your true size!  Get sized professionally. Most stores can help you, but going to a boutique or small bra shop is best. They are more accurate, discrete, sensible and are big help.  You will be shocked to know your true size (both band and cup). 

If you don’t want to go that route of going to a store, size yourself with a measuring tape and get to the stores to TRY THEM ON. I found this instruction in a fashion mag website on how to properly measure yourself: To measure the band, tightly wrap a tape measure around your ribs, directly under your breasts. Then take a second measurement by wrapping the tape snugly around your back, under your arms and straight across the top of your chest. If the numbers differ, take an average of the two. To measure your cup size, place the tape measure on your sternum, between the breasts, and extend it out over the widest part of the breast to the point where it connects with your rib cage. Four inches is roughly an A-cup; five inches, a B-cup; six inches, a C-cup and so forth. If your breasts differ, go with the larger size.

2. Underwire.  My God, UNDERWIRE!  If your cup size is bigger than a B, find a bra with underwire. This is the best feature to support and shape you.  If they dig into you, size up!

3.  The bra band (where it is fastened) should never move. It shouldn’t ride up during the day. If you find yourself adjusting it, this means you need a size up. The band is the biggest player in supporting your rack!  Speaking of the band, a new bra should fasten on the first notch to start, and as the bra stretches out over time, tighten it by fastening it a notch tighter.  Once the band is stretched and the bra is less supportive, the bra should be replaced.

4. Material makes a difference.  The sheerness, the weight and the type of material is key for every outfit, but finding a versatile bra for most items in your wardrobe is smart.  Buying bras that are of smoother materials make a better bra to wear with snug clothes; i.e. lycra, spandex, or stretchy materials. Cotton is good too, but are best for relaxing days. All these materials are seamless and move freely under clothes.  Lacy bras, well, they are great and sexy, but be aware that they can make you look lumpy; so they are better under constructed clothes..or no clothes at all.  But don’t go all Sue Ellen Mischke on me though! Bras are not tops. 

A good rule of thumb is if you love a bra style on, buy it in three colors.. nude, black and print.  This way you can wear it with anything.  Whatever your color of natural nude is buy it. Personally, white bras are too visible under light or white clothes, so I always choose nude. Many stores carry a variety of nude colors to match every shade of us.  

5.  Use the POUR and SHAKE method when trying on a bra.  This method of trying on a bra was shown to me by the bra divas from the TV show Double Divas. I wish I knew of this when I was bustier!  Put on the bra. While holding the sides of the band, lean forward to let your boobs fill the cups. Hold the band, then stand up to fasten. Shake a touch, then readjust yourself. Make sure the girls sit IN the bra, not spilling over or trying to creep out from under. This method assures your fully in the bra and that they are at their ‘perkiest’.  If you’ve seen the show, you know this works!

OK, well, hopefully you are a perfect fit bra finding master after reading this. So. Get shopping and have a fun time!  Shopping for bras should be just as fun as shopping for shoes!  Now I am hoping that all this knowledge will help me from seeing the misshapen insanity on my Boston streets.

Please.. for the love of my eyes. 



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Caramel Apples with Vanilla Pancakes

Perfect snowy day breakfast..pancakes with caramel apples!

Caramel Apples (4 servings)
2 apples (honeycrisp if you have them!) washed, peeled and cut into large cubes.
2 tbsp butter
3 tbsp Sugar in the Raw
1 pinch of sea salt

Heat butter on medium heat in a small nonstick pan (ceramic shown here)
Once it starts to melt a touch, add in the Sugar in the Raw (conventional sugar works too, I just like Raw)
The butter and sugar will start to boil, so that is when you turn the heat to low and add in the apples. Fold the apples in, add salt, and keep folding. Do not stir or flip the caramel around..for the caramel is SUPER hot and can burn you pretty badly.
Let stew on low for 30 minutes, folding occassionally. And done! Served on top or on the side of pancakes ..yum! Breakfast of Champs! 😉 (we made valentine pancakes, but my heart kept turning into Mickey heads…so I just made Disney shapes!)…this is also a child sized plate! 

2 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
3 tablespoons Sugar in the Raw
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups milk
2 tablespoons vanilla extract

Sift the flour in a large bowl.
Add in the flour with the baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt.
In another bowl, lightly whisk the eggs then add the milk. Whisk in the canola oil.
Quickly stir in the flour mix and add in the vanilla.
Do not overwork the batter.
Heat a griddle or a large skillet, over medium-high heat.
Brush with butter or oil.
Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to pour out the batter onto the pan.
When bubbles start to break through at the top, flip and cook until they are brown on the other side.
Serve right away.

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Annnnnnd…. We Are Back!

We had a magical time …and made amazing memories! I still cannot believe it is over! 😦

AND, I cannot believe today is Valentine’s Day!  Where’d the time go 2014!!?!?  Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

We did have an amazing trip, which was so needed.  We started off on February 1, and from the second we landed till the moment we got back to Boston we had a blast.  Initially, the thought of 11 days seemed like too much to me, but it ended up being the perfect amount of time for us to really get into vacation mode.  Usually, when we go away it feels like right when I am really relaxing (around day 7) forgetting the world I have to get packing!!  So, this time, the extra three days left us enough time to run around at the parks and to relax poolside or in the resorts.

Weather..  The sunshine over the first handful of days was amazing. It felt so great to be in the sun again, and my skin was so happy.  😛  We kicked off our trip in the 80’s!  Yes, the 80’s! It wasn’t all peachy, though, because we got stuck with three days in a row where the weather wasn’t my personal favorite and we had to wear jackets and hoodies. It was in the mid to low 60’s, with a light rain at times, and even one night it got into the 50’s.. bah. This doesn’t sound so bad to most people, and my husband and children loved it..but this sunny heat seeker was not so pleased.  Thankfully we packed for the weather accordingly and never skipped a beat having fun!

Resorts.. The resorts we chose were a lot of fun. One we were familiar with and one which was new to us. We stayed at The Bay Lake Tower at The Contemporary for the first half. The BLT was just wonderful, and we had park view from our room. The view of the park was amazing! And, the view of the park at night..during Wishes (fireworks) was insane.  We were so close to the Magic Kingdom that we walked twice! The monorail system out of there was super convenient, too!

Then we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for the second half. That resort is so beautiful, and we had savannah view again this route.  The attention to detail is just spot on throughout the resort.   We stayed there two years ago, but it wasn’t enough time. The resort is so special for us, and we definitely made use of it this time around. The amenities for the kids were the best part, and we loved the sights, sounds and smells of burning wood.  Agh, I love that smell.

Wait Times at the Park…  We ended up being at the parks during their off-peak time.  But, while there the HS cheerleaders across the country had a competition.  So, there were some great wait times and not so great.  But, we didn’t have much issue as we got lucky with most wait times.  So we didn’t experience a huge disturbance in our fun. Also, being at the parks for the amount of time we were, we weren’t in a rush to wait long for something since we would be back a couple more times in the week…and some of the time that day at Extra Magic Hours!  The worst consistent wait times were for some of the character meets (like Cinderella, or, Elsa and Anna!) and Peter Pan (why?? idk!), Test Track or Soarin. But we used our FP when we could and skipped out on stuff if it wasn’t a terrible big deal for the girls to go the next time.

MagicBands and FP+…We had no issues with the magicbands or FP+.  The bands were a lot of fun to use and more convenient than I had ever thought.  Having the kids using them was a little bit of a daunting thought… I don’t know why, but my mind was just nervous about them with their own access everywhere…like the kids would just go around using them without asking, or they would fall off one of their wrists during the trip, but they were sturdy and a HUGE convenience.  Especially, when they wanted to run ahead to our rooms.  And, the sound of the magicband when you entered into the parks or rides was so sweet, too!  We had heard a lot of chatter before our trip about the FP+, and everyone having their bitch sessions about it.. but other than being restricted to make 3 FP reservations a day, we had zero issue. We did use our My Disney Experience app a ton to switch out the FP+ reservations, as we were spending days at the parks, to flip things around or change them for the kids; which was über convenient. Phew!

My one observation, that I found odd, was the insane lines for the FP+ kiosks/areas to talk to or change-up FP reservations.  I saw a line wrapped for a while placed inside the corral where they usually have Aladdin and Jasmine set up in Adventureland!! CRAZZZY! 

——Now we are to the review of our time at the World.  My girls thought it would be fun to add-on a section here called:


We sat together at the end of each stint at the parks discussing the places and things we liked the best. I think this was my favorite part of our time together, snuggling in the big bed talking about our days.  We spent varied days at the Parks: Magic Kingdom (3 days), EPCOT (3 days), Animal Kingdom (1), Hollywood Studios (2 days). And, at the resorts: Bay Lake Towers at The Contemporary (4 nights) and The Animal Kingdom Lodge (6 nights).

Here are our reviews of what we liked on this trip!


The Bay Lake Tower at The Contemporary Resorts
The Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House


The Magic Kingdom
Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Disney’s Animal Kingdom


 – Around Disney

If you haven’t been to Disney World, you just have to least one time in your life.  There really is no place else like it around.  The parks. The rides. The resorts. The people. The attention to detail. It is all, well, so Disney!

AND….one more thing!

A Daily Photo Recap of Our Trip!

I couldn’t let a trip go by without smothering you guys with my photos, now, could I? 

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3   Day 4   Day 5   Day 6  Day 7  Day 8   Day 9   Day 10  Day 11


As for my fears about the party girl in me coming out to eat and drink everything in sight.. Well, for the most part, I kept myself in check daily. I did make room for an occasional Mickey Bar, a super yummy, slushy booze (and wine, lots of wine), fries, or funnel cake. I mean, I was on I hadta have some fun stuffing my fat face!!!

I did weigh in on the morning of the 12th.  Yes, stupidly, one day after coming back home, but I was dying to see!  To my surprise, and delight.. I gained 1 lb.   This is such a MAJOR relief.. I did a jig cheering on the scale when I finally had the courage to look at the number!  PHEW.  I already started my family on a detox eating only my home cooking! Lots of vegetables and unprocessed foods!

I am hoping to shed this pound before the end of this week, and get my head back in to the dizzying reality that is …la vita mia!


Happy Valentine’s Day, again!

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Our Disney Favorites at Magic Kingdom in 2014!

We spent three days in the Magic Kingdom during this trip, and after the third day, we made our choices!

Ride: Since our favorite ride, Splash Mountain, was closed this trip, we (adults) chose The Haunted Mansion. The ride is so much fun, and always has imaginative trompe l’oeil in every direction! And the striped costumes the maid staff wears is liTerally the best in Disney! I may need a maid’s costume fer HallOweenzzZ!
Kids Rides Pick! : The kids couldn’t decide on just one. So they each chose individually and together…Big Thunder Mountain (our 8yr old), Dumbo (our 6yr old), and The People Mover (both!).

Restaurant: Quick Service: Be Our Guest
We dined here for lunch, quick service with seating inside. Though the wait was only 30 minutes, it was in the hot sun so that sorta stunk…but it was all redeemed inside as it was a real pleasant surprise. The atmosphere was pretty. We ate in the main dining room, at the far end near the windows of the animated falling snow. The staff was fun, and their method of serving the food through our magicband was genius…and the food we got ended up being pretty darn good. I am a sucker for quinoa! The two cupcakes, 1 strawberry cheesecake and 1 chocolate, we shared were pretty amazin’ too. The whole presentation of the place, food and service was a delight, and we were totally enchanted.

I’m sorta nuts for quinoa..and this did not disappoint! I was full all day!! Also, the cupcakes were split by all and so goooOOood!

P1060703 P1060704 P1060705 P1060706

Snack: TIE! Funnel cake at Sleepy Hollow Inn!  Great crispy funnel cake, with a great view of the castle! AND MICKEY BARS!


Non Alcoholic Drink: Starbucks non-fat latte! Of course!
Kids Rides Pick! : Nesquik Choc Milk!

Alcoholic Drink For some reason, we didn’t drink any in the MK!

Character Meet: Merida AND Tinkerbell!
After a quick wait, we got to meet our oldest daughter’s fav character. She was funny, sweet and quick with her one liners. On our next visit, we got to meet with Tinkerbell and Rosetta, who is our youngest’s fav! So sweet.


Place to Chill Out the brick wall across from the tea cups, in front of Pooh’s greet n meet.
Unfortunately, the one and only ride I cannot ride is the tea cups, which is a major downer, but hanging out there is nice! Super sunny, shady if you need it and lots o’people watching… Cause if there is any other fun spectacle at Disney…it is the wide range of people who walk by you every second! Verrrry interesting. 😉

Oh, and the fireworks!  Watching Wishes from Rapunzel's lanterns.
Oh, and the fireworks! Watching Wishes from Rapunzel’s lanterns with her dad on our last day.
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Our Disney Favorites at EPCOT 2014

During this trip we spent three full days at EPCOT.

Ride: Soarin’! Followed closely by Test Track! We love high-flying, speedy rides! As I am typing this, my oldest is screaming about how much she loved Agent P’s showcase adventure (formerly Kimpossible). She played this through Mexico, Germany, Japan, and France)

Restaurant: La Hacienda for the taco apps! This was highly influenced by our view at the table!


Snack: School Bread from Kringle Bakery, Norway
A rich, creamy dessert bread that we dived into a few times!


Non Alcoholic Drink non-fat latte from Starbucks! Of course!

Alcoholic Drink a crisp cider in Germany

Character Meet Well, since the meet n greet was insanely long for Elsa and Anna, the only characters our girls were dying to see…and we refused to wait for, we would have to say the Storybook Princesses at the Akershus dinner. This trip the whole experience was pretty fun, and our girls left with some memorable photos and autographs.

No, guys, the wait for Frozen was never less than two hours long! Even on the chilly nights…and it was four hours one morning!! Four!! Who are these people waiting in a line for that long!? 

Place to Chill Out all points in Japan. The views were beautiful and through the arch; it was magical. Though not for Illuminations, where we got stuck there for our kids. Heh They thought it would be fun to stay there..and it was..but not for the view!

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Our Disney Favorites at Hollywood Studios 2014

Ride Star Tours!, but for an attraction we loved Lights! Camera! Action! We got picked to sit in the VIP area, and even throughout the rain, the show was awesome. i always forget how great it is.

Restaurant: 50’s Prime Time
We had a blast going back in time drinking and munching at our vintage table.

P1070081 P1070076 P1070089  P1070084 P1070090

Snack: popcorn!

Non Alcoholic Drink: chocolate milk shake from 50’s Prime Time


Alcoholic Drink: margaritas on the rocks…no salt!


Character Meet: we have two! Vanellope and Wreck it Ralph! And an impromptu meet of Chip n Dale, Goofy and Pluto in the center of the park!

Place to Chill Out: the benches right outside the Greatest Movie ride theater. It is prime real estate for people watching!! ☺️

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Our Disney Favorites at Animal Kingdom 2014

This trip, we only spent one day at the Animal Kingdom Park.

Ride: Khali River Rapids in Asia
The.Best.Water.Ride! This is a fave of mine in the Disney parks. So amazingly fun, wet and hilarious! Remember everyone will get wet, but some will get SOAKED!!
I do have to note that my oldest went on Everest, and just said it was too darn scary! Hehe.

Restaurant: Tusker House in Africa for breakfast
The buffet was real decent, with a lot of yummy, fun foods from all over. The chef that walked us through the allergy foods was funny, and talked us through every detail.

Snack: Vanilla and chocolate swirl soft serve ice cream in waffle cone…near Everest in Asia.

Ice Cream truck.. uhm, how awesome is this truck!?!?!?!?!?!?
Ice Cream truck.. uhm, how awesome is this truck!?!?!?!?!?!?

Alcoholic Drink: Yak Attack from Yak n Yeti.
A fun, colorful rum drink.

Yak Attack!
Yak Attack!

Character Meet: this was a major tie! Dug and Russel from Up and Mickey, Donald Duck and safari friends at Tusker House breakfast.

Place to Chill Out: Hill past Everest, overlooking ride. It was a fun place to catch some sun while watching people taking the outdoor plunge on the ride!