A Quick Update!

Hey All! I am working at the kitchen table, which is in the living room against the plastic sheet barrier protecting this part of the house from the debris. As I am clicking away on this laptop, I am listening to the construction crew arguing over something in Portuguese.  It’s very entertaining, especially when I understand a word … More A Quick Update!

Our Home Renovations.. Saying Goodbye To The Before!

Hi Everyone! The construction crew is planning to start demolition tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!! I am so … excited! Excited to say goodbye to all the 1980s wooden cabinets, the peeling paint, the laminate countertops, the strange bathroom design, the wall that split one space, the built in table, the gross stucco wall covering, the old casement … More Our Home Renovations.. Saying Goodbye To The Before!

Waking up Fall.

This morning, I woke up laying on my right side. Opened my tired eyes to view the light spilling in from our window. My cat is sitting on the sill. Perfectly still like a statue, he is facing the window perched on the skinny white sill. He hears me rustle in the sheets. His ears … More Waking up Fall.

Weighing In! #17

Hey Everyone! Ok, I am not going to beat around the bush with my post here.. I am so upset with myself, to a point. As you have read, I challenged myself to a mini goal of losing 5lbs by October 1. T’is October 2. And, I hate admitting this..but I #weightlossfailed.  (Ugh this hurts … More Weighing In! #17