Mr. Selfridge…possibly my newest obsession

The first season just ended last night, and I am already having withdrawals. Highly recommend this show if you haven’t already become a huge fan! Mr. Selfridge is the new drama series through PBS/Masterpiece. The show depicts the extravagant and trying real life of an American man, Harry Gordon Selfridge, played by Jeremy Pivens. Harry … More Mr. Selfridge…possibly my newest obsession

A Diaper Wreath

This project came to life after my mom and I made my older sister’s diaper cake .  It was such a fun project, and since I was left with a lot of left over diapers, and I mean A LOT!, I wanted to do something more.  I think I counted about 58 diapers left over from that project.  Instead … More A Diaper Wreath

Heinz Is Everywhere!

Ok, let me warn you guys that I haven’t caught this last episode of Mad Men from Sunday night.  By the time we settled in from our busy day partying around, we sat there exhausted and decided to watch Mr. Selfridge instead.  If you haven’t started watching Mr. Selfridge, start to. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend … More Heinz Is Everywhere!