Weighing In! #3

Well, it’s been a crazy span of time in the weight loss department since my last weight in.  Which, I can’t believe was 16 days ago!! Since that last post, I have been real busy with my family. Took a week off from ‘dieting and exercise’ during the school vacation week, where we spent 3 days … More Weighing In! #3

A Pasta Primavera with Peas, Artichoke Hearts, and Grape Tomatoes

Nothing makes me feel better at the end of a long day than a pasta primavera.  It’s hearty, quick, and DELICIOUS! Even leftover to the next day! Also, the variations of vegetables are endless.    Pasta with Peas, Artichoke Hearts, and Grape Tomatoes 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 small yellow onion, chopped 1 cup peas … More A Pasta Primavera with Peas, Artichoke Hearts, and Grape Tomatoes

Weighing In! #2

*So excited* I have dropped 3 lbs since my last blog weigh in!  YES!! Down 7lbs total!  This is with the big Easter dinner, a few get togethers for drinks, and some days I couldn’t make it to the gym in between!  Cleaning the yard all day Sunday helped a great deal though.  I took that as my gym day, for … More Weighing In! #2

Updated Blog..

I’ve been posting to this site since November 2012, and just as of now, I learned how to use WordPress the way it’s meant to be used!  Oye vay! I am not usually this slow, seriously. I just never sat down to learn the tools, menus or widgets until recently. Which was something I wanted to learn for the sake … More Updated Blog..

A Diaper Cake

With my older sister due with possibly the last baby of the family, my mom and I thought it would be fun to make her a diaper cake as a surprise this Easter. We have never tried to assemble one before (and there are 5 grandchildren already here!). So, why not give it a shot!? How to Assemble … More A Diaper Cake