Ugh, some people.

Everyone has a list of things that annoy them.  These are at the top of my mind today. I’m sure there will be more lists in my future. …. Toy packaging. Why on earth is Barbie bolted, taped, twisted, and now sewn into her packaging? They have thread woven through her head to keep it … More Ugh, some people.


Had a great time out with our friends this Thanksgiving Eve.  It’s a tradition that when our friends are home from NY we get together either the night before or after.  It means more now than ever before cause now all of us have children, with one of the couples having TRIPLETS!  EEK! I KNOW!  … More Thanksgiving

Linguine Fini con Pane Grattugiato Tostato (toasted bread crumbs)

One of my favorite and super, quick dishes to make for my family is a long pasta with toasted bread crumbs. My pasta of choice is always a linguine fini, but any long pastas will work. The great thing about making this dish is that it literally takes only a few minutes to make- in … More Linguine Fini con Pane Grattugiato Tostato (toasted bread crumbs)